15 Goals for 2015

goals venn 2

I love a good catchphrase, and the old “# of things in # of days” is classic. I decided to follow the lead of other resolution-setters this time of year and throw a cap –or stretch goal, depending on how you look at it– on our goals for the year. Naturally, it is 15 goals for 2015. We have a few additional things we’d love to achieve this year, but this post covers our set-and-spoken ones. (And as I mentioned in our last post, setting and speaking your goals is key.)

When Tyler and I sat down together and began brainstorming, I was filled with the kind of excitement and anticipation that comes only at a fresh start of something new. As my family loves to quote,

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”
– Anne of Green Gables

And so that is how we’ve set out. Determined not to be discouraged by how many random targets we’ve set up in the past, and the seeming failure of missing the mark a few too many times, but with a clean slate and a fresh start. 2015 is a new year ready to be conquered and enjoyed!

So here you are… our 15 goals for 2015. I’ve separated them by goals unique to Tyler or me, and then the larger set of goals we hope to achieve together.


  • Brew a beer at home
    Tyler is a big craft beer lover, and although he’s brewed with friends before, this will be the first time he attempts it all alone in our own home.
  • Run once a week
    This is one of those goals that is purposefully low and achievable.. Tyler wanted to aim for three a week, but I talked him down to an easy one a week.
  •  Create an original recipe
    As most of you know, Tyler does all the cooking in our home. Usually it’s strictly by-the-book, but this year he wants to start creating some brand-new recipes.


  • Run a half marathon
    I’ve already signed up for this race in July, and it is guaranteed to be loads of fun! I’m not one to set strenuous speed goals, but Tyler– my coach– is pushing for it. 
  • Paint/Weave
    I enjoy the process of creating, and I’ve discovered recently that I really love both painting and weaving. I hope to make one piece of each art form for our home.
  • Meaningful job
    I’ve loved working at the bakery this year, but I think what I really need to feel fulfilled and balanced in life is a job that I find meaningful. On the hunt for 2015!
  • Monthly photoshoot
    I desperately need to improve my camera skills, so I’m committing to intentionally photographing at least one thing a month… food, house, trips, etc.


  • Journal weekly
    We both see the benefit of recording our lives — hello blog!– but we’d like to find a way to be more diligent with more personal reflections and feelings.
  • Read one book a month
    We both love to read, but we aren’t intentional about doing it. This year, we decided to set a very achievable goal that we can encourage each other to reach. 
  • Use our prayer book weekly
    My family has a multi-generational practice of keeping a small notebook in the kitchen with photos of missionaries and family members for whom we could pray. We want to collect more photos for our book and then start using it at least once a week. (Want to be a part? Send us a family photo!)
  • Achieve intermediate level of Spanish
    We want to raise our children bilingually someday, and this is the time to get serious about rounding out our elementary level of Spanish!
  • Pray for our future children
    We’ll be sure to share more about how we plan to do this specifically, but as we get closer and closer to starting a family of our own (like.. in 3-4 years) we want to begin praying over our children.
  • Call parents weekly
    We tried to do this last year, but failed miserably at consistency. This is the year to get in the habit of staying in touch! 
  • Word of the day
    In the last year, I’ve found many moments where the word I want is hiding out just beyond my mental reach. To curb this memory loss, we’re each getting dictionary.com’s “word of the day” via email and committing to try and use it together in conversation. #nerdalert
  • Tattoos
    Whether this is a new tattoo, or getting our existing ones retouched, this is something I threw out on a whim and then we decided to do.
February 2, 2015
  • Yacouba

    I don’t know if I could do even one of your 15! Someone’s gonna like the weekly phone call, I think. If you’ve not read “Unbroken” I highly recommend it. Truly a masterpiece.

    • Well I suppose everyone has to set their own goals 🙂 Anything you’re aiming to do in 2015? And yes, my mom certainly will love more phone calls. We haven’t yet seen the movie “Unbroken” (I’m assuming they are related?) but I’ll be sure to get the book before we see the movie!

  • Love your goals! You’ve got a great combination of fun and meaningful, and I like the catchy title too! I especially love your prayer-book idea. I haven’t heard that before…that’s really neat.

    • Thanks! We tried to keep a good balance to set the tone for the year. And I think we’ll do a post about the prayer book so you can see exactly what I’m talking about. I have memories of my grandparents using their prayer book and I’m excited to carry on the tradition!

  • These are wonderful! I love the one about praying for your future children. I have often hear people praying for their future spouses. What a beautiful thought. So glad I had the opportunity to meet you! Blessings to you and your loved ones in 2015!

    • Thanks Laura! It was fun to meet you and the other girls as well. I’ve loved meeting so many people through blogging this year, and look forward to even more new community in 2015! And I am thinking of posting more about how we plan to pray for our children. I’ve had some friends pray over their child during pregnancy, but since we hope/plan to adopt, I think it will look a little different for us.