Good Things Lately: January

Good Things: January

So, if you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you know I like to put up a super casual post every once in a blue moon recounting the good things that have been happening during the last little bit of time. This year, I’m planning to do monthly posts, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m pretty proud of myself for scheduling this one out and not having to post about January on February 3rd! (; I suppose we should just count that as a “good thing” and then get to it:


– We spent the first day of the month sending off our Alaskan friends who came to spend the holidays with us. While I suppose sending them off was not a highlight of our month, having them come spend time with us was such a huge Good Thing!

– Returned to our first housesit and got to spend time with that sweet dog again. Not to mention the neighborhood which I really love, in a way that can’t be explained except “it feels like home”.

– Also made a return to our favorite human– Katrine! She cooked us the most amazing meals, and I’m still dreaming about the Guiness stew she served one very cold, rainy night. We also got to see a few more things in Dublin that we’d missed the first time around.

– We had a smooth trip to South East Asia. The plane ride had minimal turbulence, and the food was surprisingly tasty. The trip overall took us thirty plus hours, with an eighteen (!!) hour layover in Columbo, Sri Lanka.

– It was while we were leaving that we heard that our other layover destination option– Istanbul, Turkey– experienced a terrorist attack. It seems we face near misses (divine protection?) at least once a month. It takes me back to our thoughts expressed in my first post in the Traveling Under the Threat of Terror series. We’re thankful we were not spending a super long layover exploring Istanbul instead of Columbo, but we know our every moment is already accounted for.

– We had our first, and second, and third, and fourth… taste of South East Asian food. We’re still figuring out which dishes we like and which ones we don’t– or which ones are too spicy for me!– but so far it’s been fun to try all kinds of new and foreign cuisine.

– I was super stoked to realize I could go to the eye doctor and get new glasses here in Malaysia for SO CHEAP! We haven’t been able to afford elective healthcare like that for a couple years because healthcare in the US stinks. (Although we were on Obamacare in AK and actually had a good experience, just fyi.) Anyway, I’m so excited to go try on a million pairs of glasses and ignore Tyler’s lagging level of energy as I ask him over and over “What about this pair? And this one? What about these?!” Don’t worry… we’ll stop by Garrett Popcorn to treat him to a shopping snack afterwards. (Yes, you read that right. For all you Chicago friends out there… we have Garrett here! Also, did you know there’s no “s” on the end of Garrett? We had to come all the way to Malaysia to figure that out! haha)


From the beginning of our Good Things series on the blog, I’ve talked about how not all our good things are happy or positive. Sometimes, the best things in life are challenges that push you to grow and stretch. It’s so important to me to take note of all the emotions I experience, to validate every feeling and process them individually. Part of processing my life in a healthy, productive way is to look for the good in every situation, and take note of the gratitude I can extract each day. The months like this, though, where things do seem to be all sunny and bright, we count our blessings and celebrate!

What good things have been happening in your life lately? We’d love to celebrate with you!!

  • My SIL had her wisdom teeth taken out in Malaysia due to how cheap it would be! And they talked about getting Garret Popcorn a lot – – such a nice treat from home.

    • Yes… it’s totally a sign of adulthood to get this excited about healthcare but I can’t wait! haha. And I’m so curious about your Warby Parkers… those are my fave glasses!