A Day in Seattle


Seattle has always been a city where I wanted to live someday. During one of my “life sciences” classes in high school, we had to create an imaginary budget for our future life in a future city. I picked Seattle. Unlike most people, I have always loved rain and don’t really mind the cold. So, the varied and vast range of food, beer, and culture has always been my main draw to the Emerald City.

However, enter Linda. My beautiful wife grew up in the warm and sunny South and tends to avoid things like rain and cold like the plague. So, with our wonderful union, my hopes, dreams, and imaginary budget for Seattle were washed away. But all is not lost! For we had a chance to visit Seattle on our way to Anchorage! And guess what? It was warm AND sunny. I spent most of the day trying to convince Linda that it was like this year round. Did she buy it? Absolutely not. But at least we stayed dry the entire day and a half we spent there. There is hope for our future in the northwest.

Here’s what our day looked like, with description/photos followed by a short video:

We were so blessed to be able to stay two nights in a friends’ home while they were away on vacation. (Front view pictured above.) Huge perk- it was within walking distance to an awesome lunch the first day. You can see what Linda calls “the best meal anywhere ever” on the video at the end of the post. From there we headed downtown.


^^^I love public transportation. Even though we had a car, I wanted to take the bus to downtown at some point during our weekend. It was glorious. The bus arrived right on time and dropped us off right where we needed to be. These are the tax dollars I don’t mind paying. On our way back late in the evening, we took an Uber. We highly recommend this mode of travel if you’re in a city that offers this taxi-like service!


^^^We, of course, needed to visit Pike Place Public Market. I didn’t want to go because I thought it would be too touristy. But when every Seattle resident told me that I needed to go, I figured that I should. The only two things we got at the market: Ice Cream and Beer. Top of the food pyramid kind of stuff for the Murphmans. Linda had a delicious milk shake concoction at The Cupcake Royale and I had a beer at The Pike Brewing Company.

We did a little walking tour of downtown after we finished looking through Pike Place, which honestly didn’t take too much time. We stopped to rest our feet at the Waterfall Garden, which was truly an urban oasis and comes to you highly recommended by the Murphmans. We then stumbled on a festival in the International District, which you can get a small glimpse of in the video. This is where we purchased the bowl to add to our souvenir collection. By that time we were getting hungry for dinner.


^^^I judge a city by its pho. If you aren’t aware of what pho is, you can read this wikipedia article or my blog post from nearly a year ago. Essentially, it is delicious and I’ve yet to find the perfect bowl. I’m expecting to need to travel to Vietnam to find it. However, the pho at Green Leaf was pretty decent. The spring rolls were excellent.

IMG_7926IMG_0981IMG_7935 IMG_0992

^^^The set of pictures you see above were literally a check off of my bucket list. I was able to watch the Seattle Sounders beat the Portland Timbers with 68,000 of my closest friends. The experience was amazing and the best birthday present I’ve ever received. Even though the gift giver probably didn’t have the same life changing experience that I did, she seemed to enjoy the Seattle skyline and sunset on the way out. See? Perfect weather. All the time.

And just for a little action, here’s the super short video:

  • Yacouba

    Ha! watching the video – just as Tyler bit into the food a popup ad asked “Need help with mold?!”

    • Hahaha oh no! Unfortunate timing! It was actually the most amazing meal.

  • who knew seattle had decent pho. haha i’ve never even seen many vietnamese people there!

    • Tyler

      Not only do they have decent pho in Seattle; I’ve read some serious banter online about who has the BEST pho in Seattle. Alas, we only tried one spot, so our vote goes to the Green Leaf. But I’m more the willing to be a judge if there is ever a cook-off.