A Day in the French Countryside

We spent some of the first few days of our fall season up in the mountains in France. It was such a remote area, a total contrast to our whirlwind visit to Torino. Instead of crazy drivers whipping around roundabouts and totally ignoring street lanes, we had nearly empty roads slowly hairpinning their way up the lonely rocky mountainside. Instead of colorful people and crowded sidewalks and shouting all around us, we had absolute stillness with only the breeze rustling up some whispering leaves. It was peaceful. A day in French countryside is all you need to rest after catching some kind of cold flu in our earlier hectic travels.


My parents’ friends were wonderful hosts and invited us to make ourselves at home in their old renovated farmhouse. And when I say old I mean hundreds of years old. We can’t for the life of us think of the exact date it was built, but we’re arguing between 1500’s and 1700’s, if that says anything. Walking around the house, it was so fun to study the little details that gave away it’s age. It was so beautifully remodeled too.. retaining the original charm but offering more modern comfort as well.

DSC_0135 DSC_0136

Of course, we loved having their affectionate dog come over to nudge a little snuggle out of us. We hadn’t yet started housesitting and watching pets 24/7, so it was a comforting treat. Animals really are the best.



As much as we loved the historic interior– and #intheinterestofkeepingitreal, as much time as I spent just lying on the couch hogging the internet and moaning about being sick– we did want to step out for a few minutes in the fresh air and sunshine. Thankfully, they’ve got the perfect tiny courtyard for feeling the sun on your face and the grass beneath your feet.


DSC_0179 DSC_0181 DSC_0193

A church across the road keeps watch over the valley below, and beyond it, the moon has an even farther reaching eye.

DSC_0195 DSC_0207

In the end, we decided the Murphmans are not ready to settle in such a quiet place for the long haul, but (but!) a day in the French countryside is perfect for that getaway where the primary goal is rest, relaxation, and reflection. Can’t wait to return to France in a few weeks!

  • So very wonderful. What adventures you guys are having! The pictures are spot on!

    • Thanks Bethany!! We feel really lucky to be seeing so many awesome places.