A Momentous Day

Checking in again to commemorate a big day for the Murphman household. Not in any particular order, these celebration-worthy events take place every year on this day:

  1. St. Patrick’s Day
  2. Daddy Guzman’s birthday
  3. Sister Murphy’s birthday
  4. Beard Shaving Day

Did you do anything fun for this holiday? I really wanted to throw an Irish and/or green themed party, but Tyler was not up for it this year. Since we had a St. Patty’s dinner party last year, I let it go. Maybe every other year? Tyler did wear a giant leprechaun hat to work today, so I suppose that counts for something!   Happy birthday to my dad! So proud to be his daughter. Growing up I was always compared a lot to my dad; it seems we had a lot in common. I’m thankful to still be carrying on so many of those traits today, of course making them my own with my own life experiences and perceptions. But my musical taste… that will stay stuck in the rock and roll of my dad’s generation forever 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!sister bday (From Tyler) Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! She inspires me. Through her amazing world changing business (Better Life Bags) and raising three adorable children, I’m constantly blown away at her talents and abilities. Our childhood fighting and yelling at each other has matured into laughs over the phone. And I’m so thankful for that. I will always love my sissy-butt (childhood nicknames last forever) and I will always look up to her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY! tyler shaveTyler grows his beard out every winter, and March 17th is the designated shave day. Even though spring has not yet sprung in Alaska– as it seems to have everywhere else based on the rest of the country’s social media updates!– it is still a nice nod to the approaching warm season. As you can see, Tyler did keep a little bit of face fur for the last few weeks of biting cold 😉

  • Yacouba

    Didn’t Uncle Fred have a beard-style like that once upon a yonder?

    • I’m really not sure, but I don’t doubt it!