About the Author

Linda [lee·nda] Murphy

My life mission is to see the world, know humanity, and feel the reality of God. My husband and I just finished traveling the world for a year and are now transitioning back to life in Alaska. This online space is where I share honest stories of our journey together. Welcome!

All my life, I’ve been helping people pronounce my name by spelling it out as “leenda”, so I’ve carried on the tradition and you’ll find me in all my other online places as @leendamurph. Right now snapchat is my jam, I really hate twitter, and I consider instagram my best mobile creative outlet.

To sum me up, I’m passionate and perceptive, loyal to a fault, and love a good debate. Almost as much as any and all ice cream. Despite being extroverted, I am often mistaken for an introvert because I’d take a one-on-one date over any party. Tyler and I have been married three years, an accomplishment in my mind as we are complete opposites! But we do have some preferences in common: Good food. Good company. The great outdoors, especially mountains and oceans, especially when we’re out in them. Meeting new people. Exploring new places.

If you want to know more about who we are and why I blog, check out our manifesto. And if you are curious about our travel lifestyle, you can read about the original plan here, the plan for year two here, the updated plan here, and our new plans for year three here. Hope you find bits of my life with which you can connect. We’re all on this journey together!