Announcement: Changes to the Plan

We’ve been hinting here and there that our plans for year two of travel have changed.

In our last post, we mentioned how the threat of terror–the potential danger of places we’d intended to visit– made us reconsider our travel plans. But this isn’t what changed our plans. We considered it, but it didn’t derail us.

What it did do is perhaps make us less eager to force a trip to places where pieces weren’t falling in place smoothly, and people were recommending caution. We can’t really know the full impact, but we suspect it’s rather low.

Instead, the mere fact that planning was becoming difficult was enough to make us doubt. Housesits in Africa were slim, timing and logistics for visiting contacts were complicated, and workaways were not accepting volunteers during the weeks that we wanted to be in particular countries. Not to mention the fact that travel in Africa was looking to be very expensive.

So, we stepped back and considered a change of plans. On a whim, we applied to a random house sit that caught our eye. And the rest (as we say in the video) is history!


Anyone up for visiting us now?!

January 9, 2016
  • So exciting! My in-laws and two youngest SIL’s lived in Kaula Lumpur for all of 2013. If you need anything I could get you guys in contact!

    • That’s awesome!! I may seriously take you up on that. I think that our homeowners are planning to compile an epic list of recommendations for us, but we’d be happy for all advice. Which, your in-laws didn’t happen to be there connected with a church?? We’ll be there so long it would be awesome to find one. I’ve been missing that the last several months.

  • So exciting for you! Your video is adorable and I am ALL about the cuddly animals too 🙂

    • Aw thank you!! We’re so excited.. I hope you come along for the journey 🙂

  • That would be great! Gosh, we know so many people in Thailand. I think it’s going to have to be added to the list as a must! haha

  • Hahaha. You’re right. He totally missed the chance for extra brownie points!! (Which by the way.. Europe is severely lacking in the brownie department! I might catch your mom’s obsession with sweets if I’m denied much longer :))

  • Oh man, Malaysians love TO EAT. I gained so much when Carlo and I went there. If you go to Jalan Alor, I’d love to know what you guys try!

    • Yay for weight gain! (jk jk) We had actually hoped to get back into running now that it won’t be so freezing out, but looks like exercise is going to have to be moved up the priority list as a must! haha. We will be blogging/vlogging/etc our foodcation there so you’ll definitely see it. I’ll be writing you for more suggestions too, I’m sure!

  • I think Aidan would really enjoy checking out Malaysia…although he doesn’t even like eating carrots, so I’m not sure how he’d feel about Malaysian food…And let’s be real – Kyle would starve there…so maybe I’ll come alone??? Looking up flights now 😉

    • Haha oh Alicia.. you just tell Kyle that we’ll be living across the road from one of the biggest malls in the world… and they have a Chili’s! And I have to admit, I’m especially looking forward to the gourmet burger and milkshake place. Sometimes you crave that American food!!

  • Ahh! So excited for ya’ll to experience the SE Asia life. We really enjoyed our (very) short stay in KL back in December. We mainly just toured the Petronas Towers and the surrounding city center. I’m jealous that you get to cuddle with cute puppies!

    • Yes the pets at our housesitting gigs are the greatest!! We’re excited to explore Kuala Lumpur.. and hopefully some more of SE Asia while we’re there!!

  • I’m so so so excited for the two of you and expect a postcard from Malaysia! xoxoxo

    • Yess!!! I will definitely send one. We’ll resurrect the lovely letters campaign just between us 😉 haha

  • How awesome that you get a chance to explore this country! We were just driving through Kuala Lumpur in December–Angel’s never yet had a chance to stay there, but I’ve been many times.