ANNOUNCEMENT: Plans for Year Two

Long time no see, friends! It has been awhile since we’ve posted.. we’ve been in the throes of moving. Packing all our things, selling belongings, moving out of our apartment, temporary residence in our friends’ home, #allthecrazy!

But now.. we are already on the road and out of Alaska. How has this time arrived already?! Year one of travel. Done. We said from the beginning– and had to convince many an Alaskan doubter– that we would not allow the Last Frontier to entice us to settle down. We accomplished the feat, but not without doubts of our own and a part of our hearts permanently stamped with a longing for the wild north.

But now it’s time for the next season of our adventure! Since we’ve been getting lots of questions from friends and family that we’ve seen in person– and we assume there would be questions from other distant connections if you even realized this time had arrived– we decided it was about the right moment to announce our plans for the next year. Hope you enjoy our little video with our newest news!!

  • oh my goodness, you guys are so cute! traveling in marriage is the best! my husband and i have loved it so far. hope europe is great!

    • haha thanks Katie!! yes, we love to travel together.. although it’s not without it’s own set of challenges! there are pros and cons to living the nomad life, but it’s so encouraging each time we hear about other traveling couples! 🙂

  • ohmigoodness. you two are the cutest!! your story is a touch similar to ours. we’ve just recently decided we miss europe so much after repatriating to SF that we’re moving to london. neither of us have been to the UK yet, ha. and we must talk adoption one day (i peeped your other posts)! good luck on your adventure! i’ll be following along on bloglovin. xxo.

    • oh thanks so much for stopping by!! and for such a sweet comment 🙂 i just stopped by your blog/stalked several posts and love everything you guys have created there. i’m curious- what took you to brussels? and why london? although no one needs a reason– i love that city!! we’re actually going back to london for christmas and new years and i can. not. wait. Germany is magical this time of year, but in London people speak my language, and drink flavored ciders 😉