We are travelers, truth seekers, and gluttons for community. We’re created in the image of the Creator so naturally, we create. We think there is beauty in everything and we want to see more of it. We want to dig ourselves deep into the complexity of the human experience because we think we’re all connected, and the more we know it, the better the world can be. We choose to believe over and over again that our God exists and He is good, no matter what life looks like. Sometimes the beauty in life is blinding, and sometimes life is just hard and the answers seem evasive no matter how hard we search. We love to invite other people in to see a deeper side of that life, to walk alongside us and be inspired, encouraged, and challenged. And to offer us the same. Ultimately, we know everyone is on this journey, this quest, to find themselves. It’s the basis of every great literary work. The undercurrent in all our favorite songs. This online space is where we write (and occasionally sing duets) of our own epic.





We were born on opposite sides of the world, raised on opposite sides of the States, started our married life in Indiana (2013), sold most of our things and drove our life up to Alaska (2014), and after a year took off to Europe to start full-time travel (2015). We’ve now transitioned to Asia for the first half of this year (2016). We’ve got traveling in our genes, and it shows.

We like to say we’re living local and traveling global. It’s basically our own made-up idea that we’re able to have it both ways, be like one of the locals and also discover a new place all at the same time. So far, we’ve realized that the nomad life doesn’t lend itself easily to local living but we’re learning how to make the best of it.

In Alaska, we worked part time and really got to know our neighborhood and community. We found that favorite grocery store where you always know how to get in and out in 15 minutes. We knew the best walking route to the wine bistro downtown. We could successfully bike to the other edge of the city using only trails. We became locals.

In Europe, we found house sitting to be the answer to all our local-living woes. We’ve been to several different cities so far but always have a home to come back to after a day of sightseeing. A home with our own bed, our own kitchen, and usually our own dog. Basically feels like being back at home in the States. When house sitting is scarce, we have fallen on the generosity of family and friends, and that is truly the local experience.


Truth Seekers

The strange thing about our life on this earth is that it’s short, but it feels so long. So long and drawn out until you get to the end and it speeds up just when it’s too late to soak up the best parts. We don’t want to be so caught up in figuring things out that we miss the beauty along the way. But we also believe that finding the truth in this world provides the framework for living life to the full.

We hear intriguing rumors of the possibilities of life. We are drawn to both deep roots and wild wings. We are willing to count the cost and then get out there on the playing field of life to chase down these rumors and figure out: can we have it all? It’s led us to small towns and frontier cities, to creative jobs and then living off savings. We’ve traveled halfway around the globe and while we catch new truths everyday, we know there will always be another rumor to filter for ourselves.

We were raised to know of God, but now we want to know Him ourselves. We want to know the truth of Him and the grace and the purpose and the peace that we hear He gives. We want to know humanity. Like really know. We want to look deep down inside ourselves and get to the bottom of our human hearts and know the truth of what’s there. And we want to see that mirrored in other people. We want to recognize the truth in them too. In you. That’s how we build connections that change the world.


Gluttons for Community

We like community any way we can get it. Kind of how I like potatoes– boil em’ mash ’em stick em’ in a stew– I just love me some potatoes no matter how they come. Also ice cream. Can’t mess that up unless you use fake fruit flavors. 

The point is, we crave all the community. Community within our family, community in a church body, community at work, community at the neighborhood park and in the front yard chatting with neighbors. Community around the dinner table and at holidays parties hosted for all your besties plus some. Community in voices harmonizing around a campfire. Even community when my voice is definitely off pitch and a little screechy.  Community online and in every corner of the internet where there are beautiful people looking to share the truth about their lives. And we think you can never really have too much. Boundaries are good. They’re heathy. And we set them for our time and our money and our space. But at the end of this short life, we want to be all spent up for the good of this world, and we think there’s no better way than in community.



We are driven to create. I write, and I discover myself in my writing. I process and relive and straighten things out. And then I want to share that creation with others. I paint and I craft and I curate beautiful things on the shelves and walls of our homes. And then I want to share those creations with others. Tyler cooks. He sees and smells and feels his ingredients, and then he constructs something good and life giving from them. He bakes bread. And then he wants to break that bread with others. Eat it around the table where we created a space for community and conversation. We create because we were made to create, and we share it because that brings us fulfillment. And to share in someone else’s creation? That’s just joy on top of joy.

And so, this online space is where we record our travel adventures and our self-awareness missions. It’s where we invite you to do the same. To learn from our mistakes and gawk at our weirdness and cheer us on in all our creative endeavors. Welcome to the party!