Boating in Homer and Halibut Cove

Alaska is spectacular. From the moment we arrived, we’ve been calling it breathtaking and snapping photos at every turn. Our weekend in Homer and Halibut Cove did not disappoint– we got the perfect weather and an amazing experience!

A few weeks ago, friends of ours from Indiana finished their Alaskan cruise vacation with an extra week here with us. When we found out they were interested in doing some fishing, we decided to take them down to our favorite small town and do some boating near there. Homer is the “halibut fishing capital of the world”, and while we didn’t exactly have the fishing success of our dreams, we did get a chance to explore the waters, visit an island community, and put a line or two in the water.

IMG_9039 IMG_9058IMG_9069IMG_9070

^^^ We blew up our 13 foot Zodiak in the parking lot near the “real” harbor, then carried it down to a public beach where we launched straight into the waves. Who needs a dock?

IMG_9089 IMG_9094 IMG_9098IMG_9125IMG_9103IMG_9111IMG_9119

^^^ The ride over was beautiful, and the sea was calm since it was an overcast day. Our little boat powered through really well, considering we were asking her to haul five adults! We didn’t manage to find our dock on the first try, so we decided to stop on a deserted beach for a little lunch break.

IMG_9129 IMG_9134

^^^ Our next stop was a neighborhood dock, where we were quickly informed we needed to move along to a public dock. Oops! But we were super lucky and passed an otter (!!!) chilling in the water beside us. AHH! Highlight moment for sure. Even if I frequently see otters here, it still makes my day every time. (If you want to get this excited too, look really closely at the photo above…)

IMG_9139 IMG_9147 IMG_9151 IMG_9155 IMG_9156 IMG_9162 IMG_9177 IMG_9182 IMG_9188 IMG_2672

^^^ We finally made it to the right dock (although actually there was still one even more official place for us to dock) and we stopped there to get out and stretch our legs again. Halibut Cove is an island of grassy hills connected with miles of boardwalk. There are about 20 year-round residents and the number doubles in the summer. It was such a peaceful, laidback atmosphere, kind of magical in its remoteness. We’d love to return someday. There are house rentals there if anyone is interested! They have a ferry that can take you over if you don’t have your own boat, and there is a fun coffee shop and a delicious restaurant as well.

IMG_9209 IMG_9222

^^^ That night we enjoyed the sunset from our house rental in Homer, and then the next morning we drove the four hours back home. It was such a beautiful Alaskan weekend, and we are hoping to get back to Homer one more time before we leave! Next time we’ll try camping along the Spit, where we’ll have an up-close look at the bigger ships and easy access to touristy shops and diners.

  • linda, you are so good at summarizing little trips!

    • Kimberly! How did I miss your comment?! Thanks so much girl. There are so many more trips that I’ve just been so lax and not blogged about. I love it when I do though because it gives me a good place to go back and relive the memory 😉