Cape Cod Trip

Can’t believe it’s just been over a week since we were relaxing in Cape Cod! Our time has been packed so tightly with twice the activity a normal week holds, we’ve been conned into thinking that it’s been forever since the fresh air and cool breeze of the Northeast.

I’ve finally gotten around to trimming down our photos for a post, and it’s been nice to relive the tranquility of vacation through the process. Hopefully you enjoy a glimpse into our Murphy family vacation too.


^^^ rainy drive out East, but it cleared up as we neared our destination


^^^ absolutely beautiful home, lots of old nooks and crannies to explore, as well as yards of back deck to relax on

IMG_6468 IMG_6473 IMG_6488

^^^ my sister joined us and we spent an afternoon wandering around Boston after picking her up from the airport

IMG_6524 IMG_6571 IMG_6547 IMG_6548 IMG_6561 IMG_6681 IMG_6613

^^^ definitely my favorite moments were spent out on the lake, such a frozen moment in time

IMG_6627 IMG_6635

^^^ as we Murphmans have a policy of only eating seafood when near a direct source, we took advantage of being close to the ocean, fish markets, and local seafood restaurants

IMG_6640 IMG_6651

^^^ made a super quick trip to NYC for an appointment, and despite spending the majority of 24 hours on a bus with a terrible headcold, it was worth it and we can technically check New York off our list


^^^ can’t help it. two of my favorite things 🙂


^^^ despite the wonderful trip and the great time spent with family, I have to admit we were excited to land back in Indiana and get started on the whirlwind of two weeks left at home- at which we are at the halfway point!