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Welcome to The Wild Rumor

Welcome to our new blog, The Wild Rumor.

Welcome to the new space. I’d love to hear your first impressions!

Enjoy exploring and seeing the changes that have been made. The homepage has been kept very simple and straightforward. The emphasis is simply on the stories and photographs.

Since I am moving towards much wordier posts, I’ve kept some color on the site with the instagram photos at the bottom of each page. If you don’t already follow along on instagram, be sure to follow along @leendamurph and @teamurph. And these days, snapchat is my favorite one-woman reality show production. You can find us there @leendamurph as well.

Finally, you’ll notice we’ve added a shop to the blog. I’ve gotten so many questions about what we packed for our year long trip abroad. In fact, this post about what’s in my suitcase consistently brings in as many (or more!) new viewers each day as the loyal readers who come for new posts. Crazy! So, to help inspire others in their packing– or other purchases for at home/ on the road– and to make a small amount of money to keep the blog going, we’ve added a shop with affiliate links to all our favorite products. These are all things we use and love, or we’d love to have to use. When someone clicks on the link from our shop, it will take them to the seller’s page where we get a small commission from any purchases made. This comes at no cost to the buyer, but provides us a little income while we are traveling full time with no jobs (; Thanks for supporting the Murphys and The Wild Rumor!

I shared a tiny bit of why I chose the name for this blog in my last post, but you can also get a taste in the blog manifesto. The Wild Rumor will remain a lifestyle blog covering a variety of topics of interest in our lives, but you can expect to read a lot of personal essays on relationships, the experience of travel, and the search for our place in community. I also will continue to share our monthly recap by way of the Good Things series, yearly reviews and goal setting, and occasional travel or “life at home” features.

Thanks for being a part of my years of blogging at The Murphmans, and welcome to the next chapter of our online lives!

ps. i wouldn’t be mad if you still called us the Murphmans (;

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

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Breaking up is hard to do

This blog has been a space for sporadic creative activity for the last three years, documenting so many mundane moments of our early years as a couple. And this is the last post I’ll publish on The Murphmans before the site disappears tomorrow.

The decision to close the blog was easy– it no longer is even remotely a joint venture, chronicling our daily lives and respective interests. But deciding how to continue the process of cataloguing special events, sharing our story with others, and exploring personal topics through essays– that was the difficult part.

I knew I wanted to continue writing because I really enjoy it. And I also knew that connecting with others through the internet has been so rewarding.

We live a wild life, and I want to share that and find others who are intrigued by the same ideas. I also hear all these rumors about how life can be, and I want to sift through the voices and find the truth underneath. We want to live deep and free, and ultimately, satisfied with our path. One of my favorite quotes, which has existed in some corner of this blog almost since the moment The Murphmans began, sums up our quest:

“But what is happiness except the harmony between a man and the life he leads?” – Albert Camus

On Sunday, May 1st you can still type our existing url into your browser, but it will redirect you to a new blog, The Wild Rumor. The goal for the new space is really simple: to be a place to write honest stories about our journey together. See you there! (:

Excuse the Mess

Hey faithful blog readers! Just sending out a mass request to excuse the mess around here as we work through a rebrand and redesign on the site.

Lots of changes will be coming to this space, and I’m really excited about it. Tyler and I have tons of time to work on personal projects while we travel, and while the digital nomad life is not as cushy as it sounds, we are enjoying both the challenge and the freedom.

A change you’ve probably already noticed is the total lack of posts this week. I’m sorry!! I hate to be inconsistent or flaky, but it is what it is. Let’s just say, the blog will be on hiatus the next week or so. It’s best to be up front and honest, right? RIGHT?!

Yes, I thought so. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

If there is something you really love about the blog currently, or something you’d like us to change, we would LOVE to know!!


Seriously, leaving comments are like sending a bunch of flowers, a bucket of ice cream, or a pack of puppies (;


New Year, New Blog

As we begin this new year, we’re also slowly morphing into a new blog space. Like all things in this world, our blog space is a changing, growing entity. We couldn’t stay stagnant even if we wanted to.

These coming changes are ones we’ve been contemplating for a long time. We’ve thought through all the options. There have definitely been days I wanted to quit blogging. As you probably noticed, Tyler quit a long time ago.

But I’m just not done blogging yet.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Plans for Year Two

Long time no see, friends! It has been awhile since we’ve posted.. we’ve been in the throes of moving. Packing all our things, selling belongings, moving out of our apartment, temporary residence in our friends’ home, #allthecrazy!

But now.. we are already on the road and out of Alaska. How has this time arrived already?! Year one of travel. Done. We said from the beginning– and had to convince many an Alaskan doubter– that we would not allow the Last Frontier to entice us to settle down. We accomplished the feat, but not without doubts of our own and a part of our hearts permanently stamped with a longing for the wild north.

But now it’s time for the next season of our adventure! Since we’ve been getting lots of questions from friends and family that we’ve seen in person– and we assume there would be questions from other distant connections if you even realized this time had arrived– we decided it was about the right moment to announce our plans for the next year. Hope you enjoy our little video with our newest news!!

15 Goals for 2015

goals venn 2

I love a good catchphrase, and the old “# of things in # of days” is classic. I decided to follow the lead of other resolution-setters this time of year and throw a cap –or stretch goal, depending on how you look at it– on our goals for the year. Naturally, it is 15 goals for 2015. We have a few additional things we’d love to achieve this year, but this post covers our set-and-spoken ones. (And as I mentioned in our last post, setting and speaking your goals is key.)

When Tyler and I sat down together and began brainstorming, I was filled with the kind of excitement and anticipation that comes only at a fresh start of something new. As my family loves to quote,

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”
– Anne of Green Gables

And so that is how we’ve set out. Determined not to be discouraged by how many random targets we’ve set up in the past, and the seeming failure of missing the mark a few too many times, but with a clean slate and a fresh start. 2015 is a new year ready to be conquered and enjoyed!

So here you are… our 15 goals for 2015. I’ve separated them by goals unique to Tyler or me, and then the larger set of goals we hope to achieve together.