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A lifestyle is rarely something you set out to create, but rather a series of influences and choices that converge to create that rhythm in which you feel most comfortable. Our lifestyle is led by a spirit of determination and celebration, and you’ll find it often revolves around the haven we’ve created in our home.

Fireside Chat: Recap of Year 2 + Announcement of Year 3

Hello long lost friends and family! We’ve been MIA from the blog for many months now, and it’s been a good time of transitioning back to the States and catching up with people in real life. However, as we set out to begin Year 3 of our plans, we thought it was time for one of our announcement videos.

When we began this journey years ago, we said we would like to travel for 3-5 years, living in each place for one year. We anticipated that our final year would perhaps be a more nomadic, full time type of travel. As you all know, plans change. That’s why we like to hold ours loosely! We ended up doing our full time travel year this past year, during Year 2. And we will veer off course again a bit for Year 3, as it’s less about travel but more about a short term commitment to a job and community we love. Still a one year plan, but as we get closer and closer to our self-imposed deadline for “settling down”, some of our priorities and ideas have changed.


When a Good Thing Ends

While you’re reading this post, we are probably thousands of feet in the air, in transit back to the United States.

We can’t quite believe that this year is over. I’ve been claiming all kinds of last days for about a month now, maybe in a desperate attempt to soften the eventual blow. But today is the day that the heavy words are finally, literally true.

It’s the last day of our year of travel.

Our year of traveling the world full-time… is over. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to accept that there are opportunities and experiences in life that only come once. We want to believe the possibilities are endless, but it just isn’t so. While there are endless possibilities on the table, you have to pick up only one (or two) and faithfully carry those for that season. Tyler and I are so grateful that we took the leap to travel longterm this year, and we are even more grateful that we were in a place to do so. But very soon, the window of opportunity for this kind of adventure will close. We will begin careers and growing a family. We’ll have new priorities– albeit, ones we’ll have chosen– that just won’t allow us to juggle longterm travel at the same time.

Thinking about that is hard. It’s sad.

It’s the last day of our year of travel.

And it’s so bittersweet. 


10 Reasons You Should Housesit

Tyler and I have enjoyed our year of traveling all over the world, and we’ve gotten lots of questions about how to do it. Housesitting has been perhaps the biggest way we’ve made this dream happen, so here are 10 reasons we think you should housesit too!

1. Free Accommodation

The rest of my list may not really be in order of importance, but I feel like this one deserves to be at the top. If you’re looking into long-term travel, housesitting is perfect precisely because it offers you a way out of a gigantic accommodation budget. You can see the proof yourself in our breakdown of expenses from our first five months of travel in Europe. Not all housesitting gigs are equal– some longterm jobs ask for you to cover utilities– but all the ones we took were free of cost on our end. Of course, it was also free of cost on the homeowner’s end, so we weren’t paid either. Fair exchange in our opinion though!


On New Glasses and Old Vices

Today, instead of finishing a post that I’d already put off for a whole week, I went shopping.

Believe it or not, Tyler actually encouraged this irresponsible behavior. Partly because I think he felt guilty that I’d been wanting to go to this shop for several days now and other things kept “getting in the way”, and partly because all I wanted was to purchase was a pair of cheap glasses and golly if that’s not just plain good for your health and your budget.  (more…)

Sleepy Saturday

Today’s another sleepy Saturday, perfect for simply relaxing at home and avoiding the drizzling rain that has been intermittently interrupting my sunshine. We’re back at our first ever house sit, and I’m absolutely loving it, even with the rain.

But today I want to reminisce on another quiet place in England where we stayed for a couple weeks this fall. We already shared photos of the park and cemetery, but today I’m posting a few photos of the other route we’d walk with our dog. She was so lively and loving, and could run for miles chasing a ball, so excited and pleased to retrieve it and return it to us.


2016 Goals

Time for the declaration of our 2016 goals! This post is a throwing of a gauntlet for us. We’ve finally settled on what areas of life we want to focus on this year, and we’re putting it out there in the hopes that it will help us stay the course the next 12 months.

This year, I fell back on an old system of mine to narrow down my ideas and help identify specific areas for work. I thought through my life in quarters: mind, body, heart, and soul. I developed goals under each of these, some as an individual and some as a couple with Tyler. Here they are… and I’m sure you’ll hear some about them throughout the year as well!