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Nothing like a party to get people together for a good time. I’ll take any excuse to celebrate, from birthdays and anniversaries to little known national holidays. My affinity for DIY and Tyler’s love of cooking make us enthusiastic party-throwers. But even when we can’t gather in person, I try my best to make it a fest even online (;

Galentine’s Party Garland + a tutorial

I posted about my Galentine’s Day party yesterday, and I mentioned in my post that I crafted all the decorations needed to get the house looking festive and feminine. Of course, since this was a party for girls, there was a lot of pink and white and gold. And of course, that meant there was also a Pinterest presence.

I’d been seeing these fun tassel garlands all over the internet the past couple of years, and I thought this was the perfect chance to make some of my own. They were surprisingly affordable since all you really need are tissue paper, twine/string/ribbon, and some glue. They added just the right touch of flair, and can be customized to really fit any party scheme. The following is a quick tutorial so you too can have these fun tassels hanging in your home or office!


A Galentine’s Day Party

When Tyler and I were first getting to know one another, we quickly came to the conclusion that we have different senses of humor. Since being together, the things that tickle the old funny bone look more and more alike, but there is still a bit of a gap. Television comedies are one of those things where I’ve come a long way, but I still have my moments of doubt. Parks and Recreation managed to at last make the cut a year ago after we had made the decision to leave Indiana and I suddenly became preemptively nostalgic about all things Hoosier. For those of you who don’t know what Galentine’s Day is, feel free to acquaint yourself with this video.

After I discovered Galentine’s Day in March last year, I had to wait a WHOLE ELEVEN MONTHS before I could celebrate the holiday myself. This year, I finally had the chance to host my long-awaited party with a group of girls who have been so wonderful in drawing me in to their circle here. I invited all those lady friends (plus some) and I put together a simple yet delicious breakfast-for-dinner menu. I crafted the whole week prior making sure that the house was appropriately festive. The night of, I snapped a couple fuzzy photos of the house with my iPhone, but once the party got started I completely forgot to take any real photos! 🙁 But here you go, a few ideas for next year when all you female readers need to celebrate Galentine’s Day yourselves!


Christmas Decor Moodboard

This Christmas season is in full swing now! Tyler and I have been pulling 9-10 hour days in the bakeries, each doing our part to help the holidays run smoothly. So far, my work highlights have been: listening to Christmas music while I scurry around, wearing a little reindeer speckled apron instead of the regular white one, and sampling all the new cookies we produce just for these couple of weeks!

Last week, I decorated the bakery for the holiday season. We put out more and more things each day, to build the anticipation and excitement. I wrapped banisters with boughs and hung countless ornaments around the shop… it was so much fun. I think I might have tied 100 red bows around the place too. Since I’ve spent so much time decorating at work, I haven’t added much else to our own home since I first switched out all our regular things for Christmas decor several weeks ago. Still, if I had the house of my dreams– and a little more time and energy– I would love to decorate according to this moodboard. I love the fresh white backdrops and beautiful natural greens. A little gold and sparkle never hurt either. It’s the one magical time of year that warrants sparkle in the house 🙂

How are you decorating for Christmas? Does your workplace get into the holiday spirit as well?

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Thanksgiving Moodboard

My favorite time of year has almost arrived! Despite all the special days in the year, there is one season that everyone accepts as “the holidays”.  No other celebratory time can come close to competing with the joy, anticipation, and genuine warm fuzzies that are awakened during these few weeks.

While Christmas is the culmination of all the excitement, Thanksgiving is the commencement. I have claimed the latter as my favorite holiday of the year for just this reason. I love the Christmas season so much, it’s almost disappointing when the day itself arrives! Thanksgiving is like the calendar nodding to me, saying, “Yes, you may finally delve in to your festive frenzy”.  It’s like the starting gun goes off and I can race into the jolly warmth of the season.

I also love Thanksgiving because there is no pressure to separate the gift-gimmies from the attitude of love and gratitude. Black Friday aside– which is not my thing anyway– I find Thanksgiving to have a much truer and purer spirit. It is about family and friends, good food and full bellies, reflecting on the past and preparing for the coming season. It ushers in a season where we look expectantly at our faith, in wonder again at the gift that was once given and is available to us still. I have fond memories of how my family celebrated the holiday season, and Thanksgiving is such a wonderful start to it all.

This year, we’ll be staying here in Alaska for the whole holiday season. While we’ll miss being with family, it’s nice to know we can still experience many cherished aspects of the season. We have some plans in the works that I’m sure we’ll share soon. I’ve been excited for so many weeks now… I can hardly wait for the next couple to pass by! I hope you enjoy this little mood board that is but a small reflection of the many holiday related photos I’ve been busily pinning away on Pinterest. Somebody pray for Tyler. But really, it’s about to get festive up in here!


2013: Moments that Mattered

We went to a low-key New Year’s Eve gathering last week… and it was perfect. I was already feeling sleepy at nine, so not having to party it up for another three hours after was nice. I just sat on the couch and nibbled appetizers, engrossed by the tv countdown and year-end reviews. (Not having any television service at home makes all the other tv’s out there so much more fascinating.)

At the end of the night, however, I commented to Tyler that all the year-end reviews were of ridiculous celebrity/tv/social media moments. At the time, I was not awake enough to do any serious thinking about it, but in the days after I was really bothered. Not only is our society at the point where all those things happen–and enrapture us– during the year, but they are actually all that can be remembered as highlights of 2013!

Thankfully, once you get past the big time television networks, you can find those out there who equally value significance over shock-value. So I’ve taken the liberty of pulling up a few links to lists of the 2013 moments that affected us– and others around the world– in a major way.

Google’s Top Ten Trending Events of 2013

Endmemo’s 2013 Major World Events

TIME’s Top 12 Moments on Instagram in 2013

Hope you take the time to catch up on where we’ve been, and our best wishes for you– and our world– on the year yet to be had.



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