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DIY Fur Vest: photos and tutorial

Let me share a story of how my DIY fur vest came to be: A couple years ago, I fell in love with a faux fur vest in TJMaxx (only my favorite store) but Tyler was horrified and let it be known that fur was too much “something” and he thought I should pass.

Being one of those newlyweds just learning how to pick my battles, I decided to let it go.

However, I’ve since learned the full lesson, which involves never letting Tyler make style decisions, so last winter, after pinning a bunch of fur vest photos, I decided it was the year to make it happen. A vintage fur is not hard to come across in Alaska, and faux fur was all the rage so of course that was available in stores, but both cost too much for my thrifty self. And so, the DIY fur vest came to be.

DIY fur vest


A Peach and Mint Shower

I’ve been so blessed to have my best friend from college living in Anchorage at the same time as me! It’s been really special for us to be together this year as she recently got married and is planning for a lot of changes in life.

Since she and her husband had a small elopement, it worked out better to have her wedding shower after the event itself. (I labeled it a “Wedding Shower/House Warming” on the invites.) Speaking of invites, I picked those out at Target– my favorite one-stop-shop for putting together a party– and they set the theme for the afternoon. Peach, mint, and navy!

peach and navy shower invites from target

The shower was on a Sunday afternoon, and I spent all Saturday setting up the decorations for the shower with the other shower host and a church friend. It was a beautiful space and really provided an awesome backdrop for the few decoration we made using crepe paper, tissue paper, and lots of fresh flowers.

peach mint and navy color scheme, congrats mr and mrs pennant banner, wedding shower decorations   peach mint and navy wedding shower decorations, crepe paper decorations, tissue paper decorations peach mint and navy wedding shower decorations, polka dot straws peach mint and navy wedding shower decorations, polka dot straws, blue mason jars peach mint and navy wedding decorations, affordable flowers

The day of the shower, I got there early to help facilitate and finish arranging as all our friends brought over finger foods and desserts. And of course, I made sure there was sweet tea to go along with the lemonade 🙂 I also created a flower crown for the new bride to wear as she sat in her seat of honor and opened gifts.

peach mint and navy wedding shower decorations wedding shower flower garland, floral headpiece, flower crown wedding shower flower garland, floral headpiece, flower crown

I had such a fun time putting together games and activities for the shower as well. They all got great feedback from the guests so I think they are worth hanging on to for any future showers! We played “How well do you know the couple?” and “Name that movie love quote” games, which I customized to include info on my friend and her husband, and many of her favorite movies, respectively.

wedding shower games, how well do you know that couple, name that movie love quote

I also found an activity online that I thought was really sweet and would be a meaningful reminder of the shower. I ran by Michael’s and grabbed a few decorative keys, burlap tags, and kraft paper tags. I tagged each of the five keys with a different “Key to Marriage” written on the burlap tags. Then, during the shower while the bride was opening presents, I had the guests take kraft paper tags and write out advice and attach it to the corresponding key. This was a huge hit with the guests and my friend loved having these to take home, read with her husband, and display on the wall.

wedding shower games, keys to marriage wedding shower games, keys to marriage

Overall, I think the shower was a beautiful time to celebrate my friend. We were able to shower her with practical gifts as well as encouragement as she enters this new stage of life. I’d call that a wedding shower success!

Galentine’s Party Garland + a tutorial

I posted about my Galentine’s Day party yesterday, and I mentioned in my post that I crafted all the decorations needed to get the house looking festive and feminine. Of course, since this was a party for girls, there was a lot of pink and white and gold. And of course, that meant there was also a Pinterest presence.

I’d been seeing these fun tassel garlands all over the internet the past couple of years, and I thought this was the perfect chance to make some of my own. They were surprisingly affordable since all you really need are tissue paper, twine/string/ribbon, and some glue. They added just the right touch of flair, and can be customized to really fit any party scheme. The following is a quick tutorial so you too can have these fun tassels hanging in your home or office!


Inspiring iPhone Wallpaper

I was one of those hardcore anti-smartphone advocates who held off on purchasing a more advanced piece of phone technology until well after it had become an accepted part of American life. I can remember some of my ridiculous reasoning, but it’s not worth rehashing here. Yes, I still think the smartphone is a little excessive. But no, I don’t want to deny myself that luxury anymore. (And I blame Tyler for dragging me into this particular addiction!)

One of the bonuses that I’ve loved in my smartphone is the ability to have information at the tip of my fingers. I don’t have the best memory, so my trusty iphone is available to keep track of appointments, names I want to remember for future babies (#obsessive #sorrynotsorry), ideas for blog posts, scheduled social events, and more.


Autumn Moodboard

I love autumn.. it’s my favorite season. Although it’s felt like autumn for a few weeks now here in Anchorage, the official beginning of the season was this past Sunday.

Autumn seems like both a refreshing and a comforting time. The cool air and snappy wind, the fresh smell of earth as the leaves begin to change and fall. The dropping temps seem to signal a hibernating instinct in us to break out the warmer clothes and pack on the layers… sometimes with scarves and sometimes with a few extra apple donuts or salted caramel mochas 🙂

It’s the best time of year… you’re sunned and satisfied from a warm summer and now in full on anticipation of the joys of the Christmas season. Most of the time, I hate the in-between seasons of life, but for some reason I just love this yearly experience.

So cheers to autumn! I’m raising my apple cider mug to you. Hope you are enjoying this new start to the season as well!

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