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A lifestyle is rarely something you set out to create, but rather a series of influences and choices that converge to create that rhythm in which you feel most comfortable. Our lifestyle is led by a spirit of determination and celebration, and you’ll find it often revolves around the haven we’ve created in our home.

In 2015…

… the days felt long and the year seemed short.

We often talk about how our year still moves on a school kid schedule. We were in school until our early twenties, then we worked for a school, then we started moving to a new place at the end of every summer. So in a way, we’ve had beginnings and endings of years just like everyone else, but we think of them on an August to August kind of rotation.

So when we sit down to think back on 2015, it’s crazy to us that so much of what we think of from “the past year” is actually from 2014. So we immediately cut out half of our memories. And then we realize that what we think of as the last half a year is actually been a whole year!!  That probably doesn’t make sense to anyone but us, but it still blows my mind every time. I just don’t know where 2015 went.

To give you an idea of what’s gone down in 2015, here’s an overview via the same quiz we used last year, plus a few photos just for fun.


2015 Goal Recap

More end of year fun! Although anyone else out there think goal recaps are the not so fun part? The going back over your goals and calling yourself to account and figuring out where you succeeded… and where you fell short?

Yeah. It puts your whole past year in a new perspective.

We made an epic list of fifteen goals for 2015 and SPOILER: we completed four solidly and maybe another two or three partially.

In a way, that seems like failure. But if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing about our original list. I would obviously change a little about our last year to allow us to reach every goal, but I’m not beating myself up about it. We had a good year!


Leipzig Christmas Market

Leipzig Germany Christmas Market

The 25th may have come and gone already, but I couldn’t resist posting another Christmas-related, photo-laden story. And it doesn’t get more nostalgic and seasonal than a Christmas market!

We have been posting chronologically thus far, and now at last we’re up to our time in Leipzig, Germany. We spent three wonderful weeks there housesitting/crashing at a family friend’s house. She was kind enough to let us stay and watch over the place while she was away on vacation, and we found it to be one of the nicest homes we’ve sat. And she was unbelievably hospitable– leaving a handmade, scrapbooked guide to the town on our arrival, and taking us out to the Christmas market when she returned.


December Vlog Challenge: Creative Gifting

Coming at you from Dublin this Wednesday! Just me today for our sixth December Vlog Challenge… talking about lots of random things (I tend to go off on rabbit trails a lot in real life, and online) and then a tiny bit of creative gifting ideas as well.

We have prioritized traveling in our budget the past few years, and that has left us with little to put towards other areas, like gifting. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to exercise the love language of gifts! We’ve always been huge fans of creative, thoughtful presents that can be given with lots of love and only a little money. And now we’re really getting to put that into practice.

feature photo via

What are ways that you gift creatively (this season and/or year-round)? What type of present is your favorite?


DIY Fur Vest: photos and tutorial

Let me share a story of how my DIY fur vest came to be: A couple years ago, I fell in love with a faux fur vest in TJMaxx (only my favorite store) but Tyler was horrified and let it be known that fur was too much “something” and he thought I should pass.

Being one of those newlyweds just learning how to pick my battles, I decided to let it go.

However, I’ve since learned the full lesson, which involves never letting Tyler make style decisions, so last winter, after pinning a bunch of fur vest photos, I decided it was the year to make it happen. A vintage fur is not hard to come across in Alaska, and faux fur was all the rage so of course that was available in stores, but both cost too much for my thrifty self. And so, the DIY fur vest came to be.

DIY fur vest


December Vlog Challenge: Christmas Traditions

december vlog challenge |

And it’s ready! Our first official post from our December vlog challenge (Christmas Traditions Edition). I’m talking all about those traditions from childhood past and marriage present. All the things that combine together to give you the warm fuzzies every time this season rolls around. Wish I was gathered across the table from you with an apple cider or peppermint mocha, but our computers will have to do as the gateway to our community.

I’m excited to hear what traditions strike a chord with you! Whether you hate my Christmas Eve present opening (Tyler would love your support) or you also are a White Christmas diehard fan, let us know in the comments below!

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