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A lifestyle is rarely something you set out to create, but rather a series of influences and choices that converge to create that rhythm in which you feel most comfortable. Our lifestyle is led by a spirit of determination and celebration, and you’ll find it often revolves around the haven we’ve created in our home.

Good Things Lately (or not so lately)

It’s been ages since we have written a post about all the good things that have come our way. Since we’re creeping towards Thanksgiving, I thought it was about time to get back in the habit of recording our gratitude and positive vibes in this online space.

Side note: This is the first time I won’t be spending my favorite holiday celebrating with family and/or friends.. Europe, why oh why won’t you celebrate Thanksgiving?? Ok. I know why. But it would be nice…

good things lately from

Tyler and I spent a few moments this morning putting our heads together and coming up with an epic list of thanksgiving. Here are [just some of ] the good things we’ve enjoyed during our travels thus far:

– pizzas the size of our heads in Italy (for 4 euros)

– beers for 25 cents (sense a theme? ;))

– cheap transportation around an entire continent (who knew Europe could be cheap?!)

– dogs that are super cuddly

– learning about history in Germany

– feeling blessed at the ways we as Americans of this generation have avoided war on our soil

– seeing so many family members that I hadn’t seen in years

– getting to see my cousin’s [super cute] son for the first time and becoming his new favorite people (ok so any new people are his new favorite but it feels good to have kids love you)

– the hospitality of friends and family

– having a personal tour guide make our visit to Germany unexpectedly awesome (thanks Claudia!)

– unusually wonderful and warm weather this season.. we’ve seen European autumn at its finest!

– lots of time together, which leads to…

– lots of time to talk about ourselves, our plans for the year, and our plans for the future, which leads to…

– lots of time to argue intensely, which leads to…

– lots of time to work on our communication and grow closer together in our marriage

– finalizing plans for spending our Christmas and New Years with people we love!!!! in a city we love!!!

So while I go off and scheme on how to make my Thanksgiving extra special with just the two of us, you take a few minutes and jot down some good things you’ve experienced lately. Share some with us if you’d like!

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Happy Halloween!

We took a walk late in the day the other afternoon, creeping into the woods as the darkness was creeping up on us. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m 100% scared of the dark. Or rather… what lies hidden in the dark. But I thought the shadows in the graveyard were too interesting not to whip out my phone and capture a bit of it. I even fell behind Tyler and our dog to do it. So of course I had to make use of my “bravery” with a fun little video, our spooky treat for you on Halloween.


An Afternoon in Interlaken, Switzerland

An afternoon in Interlaken, Switzerland

And back to the family roadtrip! Here are just a few shots of our day driving through Interlaken, Switzerland and surrounding area. It was a nice sunny afternoon, perfect for just stopping to hop out and enjoy the view, take some photos, grab a coffee/beer, and then pile back in the car. Not gonna lie.. I felt a little like one of those clown cars a couple times on our trip. Except we might have had some grumpy clowns once or twice. (Whaaat? The Murphmans?! Yes. It happens.) This afternoon was pretty swell though, as any sunny, colorful day should be.


How to Pack for A Year in Europe: Part 2

How We Packed for a Year in Europe: Our packing strategy for a whole year traveling in Europe and Africa.. photos and explanations!

This one’s for the girls… about twenty-five, in a little apartment, just trying to get by, living on dreams and spaghetti-o’s, wondering where your life is gonna go.. THIS ONE’S FOR THE GIRLS! Man, what a great karaoke song (; But seriously, this post is geared towards the ladies. And I do hope you ladies find this post on how to pack for a year in Europe to be helpful should you ever want to pack just a carry-on (!!) for a year of traveling. Check out detailed descriptions beneath the photo map.


How We Packed for a Year in Europe

how we packed for a year-long trip to europe// helpful video with lots of travel tips

We have had lots of people asking how we packed for a year-long trip to Europe.  The short answer is: we each took one pack and one smaller bag, and we did lots of research on what to put in them.

The long answer… well, I could talk for about five minutes just on how we arranged our bags. Which I did. In this video.