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Getting Real

I’m naturally introspective, and as an extrovert, I’m also hardwired to share those thoughts with others. I’ll bare my soul to any stranger interested in engaging in conversation. These essays are a digital form of those long-winded, furrow-browed, intensely-honest talks that lead me to a better understanding of myself and the world around.

Surrendering Our Newlywed Home

We’re in the process of selling our house right now, and what a process it has been. So many unexpected emotions. These four walls have formed the perfect refuge for our first year of life together. Many meals shared with friends, every evening cooking in the kitchen, little projects inside and lots of gardening outdoors. Certainly as many fights as laughs, but we’ve weathered them all.

front porch eating breakfast nook

Being at peace with letting go has been a journey for me. Surrendering the beloved for the unknown. As a sort of consolation for the inevitable farewell, I asked a graduating photography student to come over one afternoon this spring and quickly capture some shots of our little home. These photos will serve as memory for us as the years pass, and I am looking forward to reminiscing some day about my “perfect” first home.