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I’m a straight shooter and deep thinker. I have strong opinions and an even stronger curiosity about life and truth and what makes other people the way that they are. I process my thoughts by expressing them; most of the time in essays, but if you’re lucky, for an hour in the car ;)

The Luckiest

Tyler and I started dating on 11/11/11.  That makes it the luckiest day ever on so many levels.  If you know me well, you may know that I love it when 11:11 flashes on my car/phone/alarm clock screen.  I always make a wish, and I usually remind everyone with me to make a wish as well.  It’s just good luck.

I’ve been looking through photos for our Christmas card this year, and I had to laugh over some of the oldies but goodies.  On this anniversary of the start of our relationship, I thought I’d share some photos from our journey together.  The first few months are sparse with the photographic evidence, but I can tell you they were crazy days with lots of fights and lots of love.  Like most intense new relationships.  The more recent months have increased their count of physical memories, mostly thanks to the advent of The Age of Linda With an Iphone.