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I’m a straight shooter and deep thinker. I have strong opinions and an even stronger curiosity about life and truth and what makes other people the way that they are. I process my thoughts by expressing them; most of the time in essays, but if you’re lucky, for an hour in the car ;)

Good Things: February

While we’re traveling, an average day in the life of the Murphmans is surprisingly normal. We have a schedule of commitments and activities, including the same regular tasks you have like grocery shopping and exercising. But since we have the privilege of living our normal life against an ever changing backdrop of places, we try our best to get out of our comfort zones and experience new things too. And this month has not disappointed.


On Disappointment and Frustration in Travel

disappointment and frustration in travel

When traveling overseas, you’ll have the wonderful opportunity to plumb the depths of your own disappointment and frustration. What a joy. I knew this already as I had traveled as a child and still distinctly remember the kind of things that came as crushing disappointments at that age. (And… it looks like some things never change.)

I come back to that tired phrase– the experience stretches you and makes you a better person! Well, it’s true. It can. But it can be a thoroughly unpleasant situation to sift through the disappointment and frustration and turn them into self-reflection-fueled change.


Traveling Under the Threat of Terror: Katrine’s Experience in the Middle East

Today’s installment in the Traveling Under the Threat of Terror series is super special to me because it’s the story of my younger sister.

For those of you who know us, we are incredibly close. Man, I love that girl! I don’t know any sisters who are as close as us– I’m sure you guys exist out there somewhere— but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We still have intense fights from time to time but I am so proud of the interesting, intelligent, driven person that she is. I love her so much! It is perhaps much harder for me to face the question of her safety while traveling than it is for her! haha

Traveling Under the Threat of Terror: Katrine's Perspective Traveling in the Middle East


On New Glasses and Old Vices

Today, instead of finishing a post that I’d already put off for a whole week, I went shopping.

Believe it or not, Tyler actually encouraged this irresponsible behavior. Partly because I think he felt guilty that I’d been wanting to go to this shop for several days now and other things kept “getting in the way”, and partly because all I wanted was to purchase was a pair of cheap glasses and golly if that’s not just plain good for your health and your budget.  (more…)

Good Things Lately: January

Good Things: January

So, if you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you know I like to put up a super casual post every once in a blue moon recounting the good things that have been happening during the last little bit of time. This year, I’m planning to do monthly posts, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m pretty proud of myself for scheduling this one out and not having to post about January on February 3rd! (; I suppose we should just count that as a “good thing” and then get to it:


On My Love-Hate Relationship with the Travel Lifestyle

On My Love- Hate Relationship with the Travel Lifestyle

So about this travel lifestyle…

There are times I think I’d like to do this forever. Like when I’m sitting on a plane, munching on my Corkers crisps and pretending to like that tomato juice I ordered on a whim. I guess it’s only classy bearable when you make it a Bloody Mary?? 

There’s something alluring about being a jet setter. Deciding on a Tuesday that you want to fly out Saturday. Booking a ticket to another country for a four day trip.

Who wouldn’t want this life??