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I’m a straight shooter and deep thinker. I have strong opinions and an even stronger curiosity about life and truth and what makes other people the way that they are. I process my thoughts by expressing them; most of the time in essays, but if you’re lucky, for an hour in the car ;)

The One Friend Challenge

The One Friend Challenge- Could you handle having only one friend for an entire year?! That's what we're doing while we travel the world together!

What if you only had one friend for an entire year?

Just one friend in whom you would confide. One friend to go out for coffee dates, shopping dates, and movie dates. Who liked all the same cafes, stores, and films, obvs… One friend who would hopefully get your dry sense of humor, but could also have deep conversations when you were hit with the urgency to discuss life’s deepest meaning.

Just one friend who knew which side was your best for selfies, and could help you wax that tricky part on the back of your leg. Just one friend who would sing along to Top 40 hits and not be embarrassed if you sing a little (a lot) off key.

Just one friend to do it all.

Do you know this person?! I don’t!

But here I am.. living the One Friend Challenge for an entire year. Ladies and gentlemen, here is my friend, and this is my story:


Traveling Under the Threat of Terror: Lisa’s Experience in Paris

Today, I’m so excited to be introducing you to Lisa Call from The Table Trail. She and her husband, Sean, are also on a yearlong world tour at the moment, hopping around Europe doing workaways (where you work in exchange for room and board). Lisa is contributing to the blog today to share her story of traveling under the threat of terror. She and her husband were in Paris during the November attacks, and I was so touched by her brave and honest account of her experience.

Paris, oh Paris. The city that has always been close to the top of our travel lists. The lights, the food, the French culture, the markets, the midnight walks, and the Parisian lifestyle all lured us in with their (delicious) charm. We could not wait to experience PARIS.

When we first began planning our yearlong adventure, we took a look at a few websites, blogs, and newspapers that alerted us of dangerous cities, towns, and countries, so we did our best to plan our route accordingly by cautiously avoiding places that might not be the safest. We made ourselves very aware of where ISIS was residing and the places where we might be at risk for danger, but never did we ever think that Paris, of all places, would be a dangerous place to be.


Why I’m Adamant that Everyone Should Travel

What I'm Adamant Everyone Should Travel

I’m really passionate about the idea that everyone should travel.

Now that Tyler and I are on the road full time, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about why travel is so important to us. Why we’re leaving everything behind to live out of backpacks, sleep on different beds each month, pinch pennies, and never eat my desired amount of milkshakes.

Ok, so the milkshake thing might be a stretch. No one needs as many milkshakes as I desire.

But despite all of the above, I still think everyone should travel for so many reasons.

Let’s talk about why!


2016 Goals

Time for the declaration of our 2016 goals! This post is a throwing of a gauntlet for us. We’ve finally settled on what areas of life we want to focus on this year, and we’re putting it out there in the hopes that it will help us stay the course the next 12 months.

This year, I fell back on an old system of mine to narrow down my ideas and help identify specific areas for work. I thought through my life in quarters: mind, body, heart, and soul. I developed goals under each of these, some as an individual and some as a couple with Tyler. Here they are… and I’m sure you’ll hear some about them throughout the year as well!


Good Things: December

Good Things | December from

At the end of every year, it’s common practice to look back at all the decisions and events that transpired in the past 365(ish) days. Recall, review, reconsider. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, and before January 1st I can guarantee we’re going to post a wrap up just like last year!

But as I’m going back over the last year on the blog, I realized something truly horrifying. In all of 2015… there were only two Good Things posts! TWO!! We had started quite well in 2014 with this habit of gratitude, but somehow we got off track this last year. Which, by the way, we reached three years of blogging the other week. Can you believe it?

I’m working to get back on track with our Good Things this next year, and I think a once a month roundup is a good goal. Hold me to it!

So.. here goes for December: