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Bali, Indonesia

Our whirlwind trip to Bali included plenty of bright colors, warm weather, and gorgeous beaches. We quickly learned which cities we’d skip next time and which we just can’t wait to visit again! All together, we found this a beautifully friendly place.

Quick Guide: Amed, Bali

As always, our quick guide to Amed, Bali is listed at the bottom of the post, with recommendations on where to eat, stay, shop, and play. 

When we picture Bali now, Amed is the place that comes to mind. Secluded, sunny, and plenty of ocean views. This was our third stop in Bali and by far the best. We stayed here a short three days and can’t wait til the day we return! Our activity level would rise and fall with the sun each day, we spent long hours out on the motorbike exploring, and we even spent an afternoon chasing fish and marveling at a sunken ship just a few meters off the coastline.

One of the best things about our stay in Amed was the tranquility and beauty of our small resort. We’d just picked it on a whim, but we felt so lucky when we arrived. Although not right on the ocean, you can catch fantastic views from each of the small bungalows perched on the hill. We loved the thatched roofs and spacious balconies. And the two pools on site were perfect for cooling off without the hassle of getting down to the salty ocean.


Quick Guide: Ubud, Bali

Ubud was an excellent introduction to Bali life. Read on for stories from our stay, or skip to after the photos for a quick guide to the city.

Bali was never on our list of places to visit this year, but once we realized it was a possibility, we couldn’t pass it up. This island is a dream destination for so many people… and for good reason, we found out!

We started our whirlwind tour of this Indonesian island in Kuta, near the airport on the west coast. To be honest, we had a terrible first impression and ended up being glad it was only a one night stay at the start. Our next stop was Ubud, where so many of our Malaysian friends had given us recommendations and rave reviews.

Ubud turned out to be a step in the right direction for our travel style. Instead of crazy partiers and streets packed full of pushy vendors, we were able to relax in a hippie’s paradise. After all the greasy– albeit delicious– Malaysian food we’d been gorging on for three months, I was more than ready for the classic fresh and vegan style of Ubud! We also found that the tourist traps were still traps, but they had a little more local charm. It seemed that the kitschy vendor stalls fit in a bit better against the old stone walls and along the tiny winding streets.