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We spent about two weeks exploring this country from south to north. While we each experienced different reactions to the culture of this country, we both left feeling it was a place we’d love to return. Vietnam is gorgeous and rich with history and culture.

Hoi An, Vietnam: By Day

Hoi An, Vietnam was one of those places that we heard so much about from so many people…. after we were on our way there! I guess we didn’t spread the nets very far asking for personal travel recommendations, but as soon as we announced that we were headed to Hoi An on social media, we had several friends tell us it was their favorite city they’d ever visited. And in the end, it truly was magical. We were there three days and two nights– during our whirlwind trip of Vietnam, south to north– and we spent one day dedicated to exploring and photo documenting the town.

I really wanted to attach some more personal thoughts and memories to this post, but it’s been such a long time coming that I have decided to move ahead and publish the photos at least. I can’t believe it was a year ago that we were wandering these streets, enamored by these sights and sounds, and eating that delicious food. A year!

However, I do have a whole other post of Hoi An by night– I couldn’t fit it all in one– so I will be sure to brainstorm with Tyler all our best memories and recommendations for this city. It’s quite a tourist hot spot, but for good reason. And the kitsch does actually add to the charm. And if you ever get sick of tourists, heading by a market for a half hour break usually works too!

Market strolls

First glance at the famous lanterns

Typical street views


And of course, ending the day with a delicious dinner… although this time, it was India in Vietnam!

Stay tuned for part two!