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How Much Does It Cost to Travel the World?

How Much Does It Cost to Travel the World? -- One couple answers how they spent four five months traveling Western Europe on less than $20 a day per person. Tons of infographics and explanations.

So… how much does it cost to travel the world? We’ve gotten this question plenty but haven’t given you hard facts and numbers yet. But finally, here they are! We’re overviewing our first five months of full-time travel in Western Europe.

I’m going to break it down for you in a couple ways.

1st  I’ll lay it out based on categories of spending. You’ll get to see how we set up our budget, and the total amount we’ve spent.

2nd I’ll break it down again by month, where you can see how much we’ve spent depending on where we’ve been and what we’re doing.


Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Germany

I am a lover of history. Whenever Linda and I arrive in a new country, I obsess over the past events that made that nation what it is today. Was there a civil war here? What type of governments has this country had? Has this society ever completely altered the course of world history? To answer those questions (among many more), I usually talk to the locals, read way too many history books on my Kindle, and of course, study Wikipedia.

So when we arrived in Germany, I immediately bought The Second World War by John Keegan and started learning as much as I could about the events that helped to literally shape the very ground I was walking on. Unfortunately, many of those events that took place in Germany during World War II carry a dark shadow with them. And most of the physical evidence of these atrocities no longer remain. However, a few of them have survived to serve as memorials as well as reminders to not allow history to repeat itself. When I found out that we had the opportunity to witness one of these memorials during our weekend trip to Berlin, I knew we had to go.


A Weekend in Berlin: Part Two

Now for the second half of our weekend in Berlin! Be sure to start with the first post if you missed it (;

Like I said before, we really enjoyed our weekend in Berlin, as short as our three days seemed to be. It was such a unique city and we didn’t experience anything else like it during our whole four months in Western Europe. I don’t think it felt like a settle-down-and-spend-years-here kind of place, but we’d return in a heartbeat to soak up just a little more of this fascinating city!


A Weekend in Berlin: Part One

A weekend in Berlin is hardly long enough to see everything, but we really enjoyed our three day visit and filled it to the brim with sightseeing. True to our travel style, we walked miles across the city, cramming in multiple museums and seeking out lots of delicious and unique foods.

Berlin is a fascinating city with a unique culture all its own. The mash up of history and modern life keeps the city vibrant and fresh. We felt like we got a good feel for both the old and new, and we could appreciate how the past several decades have shaped the Berlin of today.

Here’s a look at our first full day in the city:


Traveling Under the Threat of Terror: Lisa’s Experience in Paris

Today, I’m so excited to be introducing you to Lisa Call from The Table Trail. She and her husband, Sean, are also on a yearlong world tour at the moment, hopping around Europe doing workaways (where you work in exchange for room and board). Lisa is contributing to the blog today to share her story of traveling under the threat of terror. She and her husband were in Paris during the November attacks, and I was so touched by her brave and honest account of her experience.

Paris, oh Paris. The city that has always been close to the top of our travel lists. The lights, the food, the French culture, the markets, the midnight walks, and the Parisian lifestyle all lured us in with their (delicious) charm. We could not wait to experience PARIS.

When we first began planning our yearlong adventure, we took a look at a few websites, blogs, and newspapers that alerted us of dangerous cities, towns, and countries, so we did our best to plan our route accordingly by cautiously avoiding places that might not be the safest. We made ourselves very aware of where ISIS was residing and the places where we might be at risk for danger, but never did we ever think that Paris, of all places, would be a dangerous place to be.