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Sleepy Saturday

Today’s another sleepy Saturday, perfect for simply relaxing at home and avoiding the drizzling rain that has been intermittently interrupting my sunshine. We’re back at our first ever house sit, and I’m absolutely loving it, even with the rain.

But today I want to reminisce on another quiet place in England where we stayed for a couple weeks this fall. We already shared photos of the park and cemetery, but today I’m posting a few photos of the other route we’d walk with our dog. She was so lively and loving, and could run for miles chasing a ball, so excited and pleased to retrieve it and return it to us.


Learning to Care for Chickens!

Housesitting has been a blast, and it’s also forced us to go outside our comfort zones on a few things. We had to learn to care for chickens on our second assignment this year, and although I was confident we would be able to–hence why we accepted in the first place– I was a little nervous about how it would go.

Ever since seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s famous The Birds, I’ve been wary of any sizable gatherings of feathered beasts… even poultry.

Thankfully, I’m not as nervous around birds as my sister is (did we have a bird encounter as children?) so we decided that learning to care for chickens was outweighed by a snuggly dog and a 200 year old cottage in the English countryside. #priorities


Walking in Newton St. Cyres

London’s got its swanky appeal, but after awhile one is ready to move to a sleepy little hamlet. At least we were. After two wonderful– but hectic– weeks in London, we moved on to a small town in the southwest of England. In Newton St. Cyres we were immediately enchanted by a 200 year old cottage complete with a yappy dog and brood of chickens.

Basically, we became country folk. (ha!)


Date Night @ Crystal Palace Park Fun Fair

There’s something universally fun about a community event focused on adrenaline and sugar and bright lights. In case you’re unclear on what I’m referring to… it’s a fair. Or a carnival. Or a festival. Whatever your hometown called it. And when we saw a poster advertising the Crystal Palace Park Fun Fair, we knew we couldn’t miss making some travel memories at this one. (It had fun in the name! That’s practically a guarantee.)

Crystal Palace Park Fun Fair


Crystal Palace Restaurant: Tamnag Thai

Tyler and I were just musing the other day that most of our previous vacations have been total foodcations. We’d follow our stomachs (or all the best online recommendations) and plan our whole trip around the top dining options. This year, we’ve been letting other attractions lead the way, but we still keep an eye out for good eats. When we were staying in south London last month, we were within walking distance from Crystal Palace, a neighborhood with plenty of delicious local spots. We checked them out on a walking tour trip to the grocery store and settled on Tamnag Thai when we felt the thai craving. We weren’t disappointed.