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Traveling Under the Threat of Terror: Lisa’s Experience in Paris

Today, I’m so excited to be introducing you to Lisa Call from The Table Trail. She and her husband, Sean, are also on a yearlong world tour at the moment, hopping around Europe doing workaways (where you work in exchange for room and board). Lisa is contributing to the blog today to share her story of traveling under the threat of terror. She and her husband were in Paris during the November attacks, and I was so touched by her brave and honest account of her experience.

Paris, oh Paris. The city that has always been close to the top of our travel lists. The lights, the food, the French culture, the markets, the midnight walks, and the Parisian lifestyle all lured us in with their (delicious) charm. We could not wait to experience PARIS.

When we first began planning our yearlong adventure, we took a look at a few websites, blogs, and newspapers that alerted us of dangerous cities, towns, and countries, so we did our best to plan our route accordingly by cautiously avoiding places that might not be the safest. We made ourselves very aware of where ISIS was residing and the places where we might be at risk for danger, but never did we ever think that Paris, of all places, would be a dangerous place to be.


A Day in the French Countryside

We spent some of the first few days of our fall season up in the mountains in France. It was such a remote area, a total contrast to our whirlwind visit to Torino. Instead of crazy drivers whipping around roundabouts and totally ignoring street lanes, we had nearly empty roads slowly hairpinning their way up the lonely rocky mountainside. Instead of colorful people and crowded sidewalks and shouting all around us, we had absolute stillness with only the breeze rustling up some whispering leaves. It was peaceful. A day in French countryside is all you need to rest after catching some kind of cold flu in our earlier hectic travels.


Torino and Saint-Andre in iPhone Photos

This is another short iPhone post.. more for our memory keeping than the strength of photographic content. To pick up back where I left off, our family road trip next took us out of Switzerland and down into Italy. We visited my dad’s brother– and lots more Peruvian family– in the city of Torino. After a couple of days there, we continued on into France, where we stayed in a beautiful farmhouse with two of my parent’s friends.