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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Germany

I am a lover of history. Whenever Linda and I arrive in a new country, I obsess over the past events that made that nation what it is today. Was there a civil war here? What type of governments has this country had? Has this society ever completely altered the course of world history? To answer those questions (among many more), I usually talk to the locals, read way too many history books on my Kindle, and of course, study Wikipedia.

So when we arrived in Germany, I immediately bought The Second World War by John Keegan and started learning as much as I could about the events that helped to literally shape the very ground I was walking on. Unfortunately, many of those events that took place in Germany during World War II carry a dark shadow with them. And most of the physical evidence of these atrocities no longer remain. However, a few of them have survived to serve as memorials as well as reminders to not allow history to repeat itself. When I found out that we had the opportunity to witness one of these memorials during our weekend trip to Berlin, I knew we had to go.


A Weekend in Berlin: Part Two

Now for the second half of our weekend in Berlin! Be sure to start with the first post if you missed it (;

Like I said before, we really enjoyed our weekend in Berlin, as short as our three days seemed to be. It was such a unique city and we didn’t experience anything else like it during our whole four months in Western Europe. I don’t think it felt like a settle-down-and-spend-years-here kind of place, but we’d return in a heartbeat to soak up just a little more of this fascinating city!


A Weekend in Berlin: Part One

A weekend in Berlin is hardly long enough to see everything, but we really enjoyed our three day visit and filled it to the brim with sightseeing. True to our travel style, we walked miles across the city, cramming in multiple museums and seeking out lots of delicious and unique foods.

Berlin is a fascinating city with a unique culture all its own. The mash up of history and modern life keeps the city vibrant and fresh. We felt like we got a good feel for both the old and new, and we could appreciate how the past several decades have shaped the Berlin of today.

Here’s a look at our first full day in the city:


Leipzig Christmas Market

Leipzig Germany Christmas Market

The 25th may have come and gone already, but I couldn’t resist posting another Christmas-related, photo-laden story. And it doesn’t get more nostalgic and seasonal than a Christmas market!

We have been posting chronologically thus far, and now at last we’re up to our time in Leipzig, Germany. We spent three wonderful weeks there housesitting/crashing at a family friend’s house. She was kind enough to let us stay and watch over the place while she was away on vacation, and we found it to be one of the nicest homes we’ve sat. And she was unbelievably hospitable– leaving a handmade, scrapbooked guide to the town on our arrival, and taking us out to the Christmas market when she returned.


December Vlog Challenge: Winter Wonderland

december vlog challenge winter wonderland

It’s time for another #decembervlogchallenge post! This time we’re taking you on a tour of the snowy mountainside in the Black Forest of Germany. Just a low-key, wrap up in something cozy, cup your hands around a thermos of hot chocolate, turn up the soft Christmas music, totally relax kind of winter wonderland tour.

If you’re wanting to link up your own Christmas-themed vlogs from this week, visit the first post from the challenge here!

And just in case you are new and want to jump in, the prompts are below. Wednesdays are for topics everyone follows, and Saturdays are open to share your own kind of Christmas cheer! So take note of bold Wednesday posts that everyone can do, and the italic Saturday posts are just our ideas for the “open ended” days, which you’re welcome to steal and reinterpret for yourself as well (:

2 CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS from childhood, your favorite, ones you do with a significant other, what you plan to do/do with your kids

5 SNOWY WINTER SCENE-or maybe another local Christmas event you attend?

9 DEAR SANTA LETTER- what would you write if you were going to write one this year… serious or funny!

12 FAVORITE HOLIDAY SONGS- easy for anyone! read us a list, karaoke a little for us, get creative!

16 CREATIVE GIFTING- what are some ideas for getting creative with gifting this year? whether it’s for $$ reasons, feeling extra crafty, looking to really personalize gifts, etc… (for us it’s being on the other side of the world from our family!)

19 MAKING “STOCKINGS”- we’re putting together ghetto stockings/paper bags (ha!) as our Christmas decor “on the road” this year.. maybe you could tell us about your home decorations?

23 THREE WAYS TO BE INTENTIONAL THIS SEASON- I really don’t want to get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas, and it takes a conscious effort sometimes! how do you manage this? what are your tips?

26 A LONDON CHRISTMAS- I plan to post a little video of our London Christmas.. probably our dinner with friends and some Christmas activities… you can do the same wherever you are! since this is the day after Christmas I plan to keep it simple/minimum time input 🙂

30 ONE GREAT THING FROM 2015 AND ONE THING TO ANTICIPATE IN 2016- just a little way to wrap up 2015 and start 2016 off with some positive vibes!