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An Afternoon in Interlaken, Switzerland

An afternoon in Interlaken, Switzerland

And back to the family roadtrip! Here are just a few shots of our day driving through Interlaken, Switzerland and surrounding area. It was a nice sunny afternoon, perfect for just stopping to hop out and enjoy the view, take some photos, grab a coffee/beer, and then pile back in the car. Not gonna lie.. I felt a little like one of those clown cars a couple times on our trip. Except we might have had some grumpy clowns once or twice. (Whaaat? The Murphmans?! Yes. It happens.) This afternoon was pretty swell though, as any sunny, colorful day should be.


Adelboden, Switzerland

Every time our trip to Adelboden comes up these days, I can’t help but pitch to Tyler all over again the conviction that this magical place really is the secret home of all the world’s gnomes and hobbits. I mean, the Shire might have most halflings, but I know where they go on vacation. Adelboden.

Although most tourists come to this tiny Swiss town for skiing, we didn’t see a touch of snow or ice. But Adelboden, Switzerland has so much more to offer a visitor than a winter wonderland! In the summer months, you can experience it like a real local. Take the cable cars up to the tops of the mountains for a unbelievable view, drive the windy roads to say hello to the cows and sheep, and get neighborly with a farmer to perhaps get a tour of a small alpine chalet. And of course, you must take some time to stroll down the main street with shops selling everything from Swiss wood carvings to Swiss chocolate to Swiss cheese. You need the full Swiss experience.

So without further ado, some photos of Adelboden, Switzerland!


Making Sussmost in Switzerland

When it comes to beverages, I’m a pretty plain Jane kind of girl. Much to Tyler’s disappointment I think. He loves his snobby coffees and his craft beers. He is always reading up on the newest producers and types of production. He is in the know when it comes to drinks.

I, on the other hand, drink just water and tea. And maayyybe a Long Island Iced Tea if I’m feeling wild like I want to drink socially. (And yes, I know that’s made with coke. That’s why I ask them to make it with tea! Yes, I do. I ask the bartender.) But on the odd chance I’m in a hotel and I’m feeling the need to #getmymoneysworth, I will drink apple juice with breakfast. It’s something I suffer through, like eating yogurt. It’s good for me. So I drink it once or twice a year.

But sussmost.. this is an entirely different kind of apple juice. It may actually be similar to all those nasty cold ciders people drink, but something about knowing where the apples are picked and seeing the machines my family uses to press them… it just makes the drink so refreshing and delicious. Under the umbrella of apfelsaft (apple juice), süßmost is the sweet child, with apfelwein at the sour other end, and ghürotne right in the middle.

/ˈzyːs moːʃt/
– unfermented apple juice or cider
– English spelling: sussmost

I’ve grown up seeing the sussmost presses in my family’s barn, and I’ve drunk the sweet cider every summer I’ve been in Switzerland. Once when I was younger, we were there at just the right time to help sell it from the street booth at the end of the season. This year, Tyler and I were lucky enough to help prepare the sussmost for our family reunion. We helped pick apples from a few different orchards, wash the apples in the outdoor trough, cut out the bruised spots (fun fact: we only use apples that have already fallen to the ground), and then grind and press the apples in the truly antique machine.

And we got to bike everywhere with a cute apple cart! Totally felt like mini farmers. Loved it. Hope you love the video of it 🙂