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How to Pack for A Year in Europe: Part 2

How We Packed for a Year in Europe: Our packing strategy for a whole year traveling in Europe and Africa.. photos and explanations!

This one’s for the girls… about twenty-five, in a little apartment, just trying to get by, living on dreams and spaghetti-o’s, wondering where your life is gonna go.. THIS ONE’S FOR THE GIRLS! Man, what a great karaoke song (; But seriously, this post is geared towards the ladies. And I do hope you ladies find this post on how to pack for a year in Europe to be helpful should you ever want to pack just a carry-on (!!) for a year of traveling. Check out detailed descriptions beneath the photo map.


How We Packed for a Year in Europe

how we packed for a year-long trip to europe// helpful video with lots of travel tips

We have had lots of people asking how we packed for a year-long trip to Europe.  The short answer is: we each took one pack and one smaller bag, and we did lots of research on what to put in them.

The long answer… well, I could talk for about five minutes just on how we arranged our bags. Which I did. In this video.