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We’ve spent a lot of time selling, packing, driving, flying, settling, and then starting it all over again. We aren’t experts by any means, but if repetition can teach some lessons, then I think we’re long-term students of the craft. To make all the years of trial-and-error worth it, I’m sharing with you our best tips on how to move, pack, and travel.

Packing Tips: Rolling Your Closet

Since the actual packing up weekend was much more taxing than I’d anticipated, we didn’t have the chance to upload a lot of the story as it unfolded. But here you can get a glimpse of how we managed to fit our whole life into the back of a CR-V and a 5×8 trailer… Efficient packing! We rolled all our clothes into boxes, and you can see just how much fit in the short video below. In the end, I had five small boxes of all my closet contents. I was pretty pleased.

Rolling clothes is perfect for moving, but also just traveling! We have all the clothes that we kept out to wear during the trip rolled up in one backpacking pack. It’s amazing how much fits so tightly sandwiched in there. In fact– fun side story– my sister said her bag was once searched at the airport because by rolling her clothes, they were so compact that the TSA agent couldn’t see clearly into her bag on the scanner! I don’t suppose that sounds like an encouraging bonus to rolling clothes.. but imagine how much more you could take 🙂

Packing for a Move: Recycled Packing Materials

We got back from our trip to South Carolina, and I suddenly felt the urgent need to get packing. Even more than before, it seemed like our days were running out and I needed to keep trudging forward in this process. So the night before we left on our next trip, I was running around the living room pulling things off the wall and stuffing them in boxes.


Packing for a Move: Vacuum Bags

This limbo period between deciding to move– and actually moving– has been challenging for me. Once the decision to move was made, I was ready to get crackin’! I wanted to start taking down wall hangings and packing up dishes at least five months ago. Thankfully, Tyler was on board with a little decluttering, so we’ve already had a couple of garage sales this winter and spring.

But finally, just in the last couple of weeks, I have been able to start doing some actual packing. And it’s been amazing! Seeing the house slowly empty is therapeutic for me. An empty house says “there’s nothing left for you here.” It’s preparation for the move not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.


Prepping for a Garage Sale

With our my renewed vigor for reviving our blog, Tyler and I (I made him despite his lack of vigor) came up with a series of moving-related posts. I did my research to see what else was out there on the world wide web, and I found my chest tightening in anxiety as I read extensive lists of “moving tips”. Thankfully, I was able to remind myself that “we are ahead of the game” and “we are not moving conventionally”– which is both a blessing and a curse as we take, and therefore pack, only what fits in our CR-V and attached trailer.