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Alaska: Lost Lake Trail

This weekend marks two weeks since our last Alaskan adventure on Lost Lake Trail. We are heading out to explore a new town for a couple days, but we wanted to make sure we memorialized the last trip first. Here are just a few photos a whole album of our weekend out in nature. It was such a beautiful and revitalizing time in the fresh air, enjoying the perfect hiking temperature offered at the turn of summer to fall. So let’s get crackin’:


Rained Out

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” – Robert Burns

The dear Scottish poet, Robert Burns. He and his wife probably worked full time jobs at different bakeries in Alaska and were eagerly anticipating a rare 2-day weekend full of planned hikes and day trips when he checked the forecast and saw a 95% chance of rain for both days.  I’m assuming this experience was the source of one of his most famous poems. It also happens to be the exact situation that Linda and I found ourselves in this weekend. And people say they can’t relate with 200 year old poetry…

If you read our Friday post, you would have noticed that we were intending to get out and explore the beautiful Alaska wilderness this weekend. However, when we both got off work on Saturday afternoon, this is what we saw:IMG_0546.JPG

Enter Plan B. However, there was no Plan B. So, enter: Spontaneity. Our weekend of exploring the great outdoors became a quest to discover the best of what is inside. Here is what we came up with:

Bear Tooth Theater Pub

Anchorage has one of the coolest places to watch movies. At the Bear Tooth Theater Pub, you can watch a legit movie (we saw Maleficent) for $3-5/ticket AND have food/beer delivered to you while you are watching the movie! So, let me run that by you one more time: CHEAP movie tickets AND delicious treats DELIVERED to your seat as you watch the film! We are in the future up here folks. Or is it more the past? Who cares! It’s awesome! A whole post dedicated to Bear Tooth will appear at some point.


This weekend we had the opportunity to be a part of some exciting news regarding the church we’ve decided to attend. Anchorage Wesleyan Church has officially announced that they will be changing their name to Awaken Church. They launched a new website and are currently investigating options for a new location as well. It’s fun to see and hear the vision for this new site (both physical and digital) and we are looking forward to seeing how we might contribute to realizing the vision. Also, the church celebrated with a taco bar potluck. We’re talking like 6 different options of slow cooked pork, beef, and chicken with a TON of toppings and sides. Your kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven, indeed. 🙂

Snow City CafeIMG_0043You know that if you need reservations to eat at a breakfast place, it has to be good. We made the mistake of trying to go there without one last week and were told it would be an hour wait. This time we strolled past the poor souls who didn’t know about the online registration option and we were seated in less than 5 minutes. As I tend to do, I had already researched the menu and picked out what I was going to enjoy: the b.o.b. For those of you from Indiana, Snow City is like a Cafe Patachou for hikers instead of middle age hipsters. So we felt right at home.

Our best laid plans went awry this weekend. But thanks to the awesome city we live in, we made the best of it.

Flattop Mountain Hike

I know we’ve mentioned this hike several times between the blog, our Facebook page, and Instagram. But it was just such a good afternoon for us! And so beautiful too. It’s really been the only time we’ve ventured out to enjoy Alaskan nature, besides our evening walks around the neighborhood. Hopefully we’ll go again tomorrow if the weather decides to lift it’s overcast gloom. In the meantime though, we’ll be reliving the experience through these photos and short video. Hope you enjoy it too!


10 Things About Roadtripping in Canada

I was going to start by exclaiming at what day it is and how much time has flown by… but I’ve lost track of the days and don’t even know my Mondays from my Fridays. So I’ll just get on with the post. This is a quick little list of half-serious lessons we’ve learned about roadtripping– in general, in Canada, together.

And of course, here’s my disclaimer that assumptions about Canada as a whole are as useless as any about it’s neighboring country. We all know Utah is no Georgia, and the same principle applies up here. When I refer to Canada in this post, I mean the West Coast section that we’ve driven.

So let’s get started!