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A Day in Seattle


Seattle has always been a city where I wanted to live someday. During one of my “life sciences” classes in high school, we had to create an imaginary budget for our future life in a future city. I picked Seattle. Unlike most people, I have always loved rain and don’t really mind the cold. So, the varied and vast range of food, beer, and culture has always been my main draw to the Emerald City.

However, enter Linda. My beautiful wife grew up in the warm and sunny South and tends to avoid things like rain and cold like the plague. So, with our wonderful union, my hopes, dreams, and imaginary budget for Seattle were washed away. But all is not lost! For we had a chance to visit Seattle on our way to Anchorage! And guess what? It was warm AND sunny. I spent most of the day trying to convince Linda that it was like this year round. Did she buy it? Absolutely not. But at least we stayed dry the entire day and a half we spent there. There is hope for our future in the northwest.

Here’s what our day looked like, with description/photos followed by a short video:


Driving to Alaska: Marion to Seattle

A week ago we had three new members arrive to our house from Indiana. Hobbes flew in– spoiled thing– and my friend and her boyfriend made the drive up. It was a little chaotic to have our household more than double in size within a couple days, but it was so fun to have some of our favorites all in one place! Hearing about our friends’ trip brought back lots of memories from our own drive, which had been completed exactly a month prior.

We decided the occasion called for a little reminiscing on the blog, and we finally put together our footage from our trip. (About time, right?!) We managed to cut down literally hours of short clips into three manageable sections, the first being our trip from Marion to Seattle. We hope you enjoy getting a look at our week of traveling the American West!

I present to you:

The Murphmans Drive to Alaska: Part One


Life Through Our Side View Mirror


We Thumbs Up Everyone, Everywhere


Sometimes it hits us how unreal this adventure is… it often feels so much like regular life that we forgot what an amazing dream we are living. Thanks for giving us an excuse to look back and see it all with new eyes!

Cape Cod Trip

Can’t believe it’s just been over a week since we were relaxing in Cape Cod! Our time has been packed so tightly with twice the activity a normal week holds, we’ve been conned into thinking that it’s been forever since the fresh air and cool breeze of the Northeast.

I’ve finally gotten around to trimming down our photos for a post, and it’s been nice to relive the tranquility of vacation through the process. Hopefully you enjoy a glimpse into our Murphy family vacation too.


1st Anniversary: Chicago

With our wedding date passing by yesterday, we’ve officially made it a year into our marriage! HUZZAH! YIPPEE! HALLELUJAH! WAHOO!


We decided to celebrate our 1st anniversary up in Chicago “on the way home” from Peoria where we were earlier in the long weekend. (Congrats Michael and Anna on your own wedding!!)

It ended up being a great decision as the trip was a good chance to say goodbye to one of our favorite Midwest cities, eat some of the delicious food it has to offer, and even spend last minute time with Tyler’s brother and sister-in-law as they prepare to move out East. It was a perfect Murphman weekend.


Midwest Tour

It was in the very last leg of our trip– literally the last 15 minutes– that we heard the song that could have been the theme to our last week.  It came to us over the airwaves of NPR, no surprise to those of you who know Tyler.  In case you’d like to take a listen, here is the song so you can sing along while you read.  (Believe me, one needs only to hear the chorus once to join right in.)

Last week Tyler and I crossed the Midwest a couple times over to recruit for our alma mater (Tyler’s job) and visit family (a nephew’s birthday party).  I will admit that we probably didn’t truly experience the entirety of the Midwest, but we visited cities I’d never seen, so I feel entitled in saying my Midwest experience has been broadened.  We started in Marion and headed west to Kansas City, then down to St Louis, back east to Marion, then further over to Detroit.

Tyler has long since touted the superiority of Kansas City– his birthplace– so I was eager mildly interested (let’s be real) to see this place.  In the end, I was not nearly as enamored. However,  I did have The Very Best Ice Cream in their downtown and so I’d say it was a winner overall.

But I’m getting ahead of myself!  Let’s start at the beginning….