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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’d like to think a video is just heaps on heaps of story-telling goodness. Always on a mission to catalogue my life for future enjoyment, I occasionally put together a moving picture.

Fireside Chat: Recap of Year 2 + Announcement of Year 3

Hello long lost friends and family! We’ve been MIA from the blog for many months now, and it’s been a good time of transitioning back to the States and catching up with people in real life. However, as we set out to begin Year 3 of our plans, we thought it was time for one of our announcement videos.

When we began this journey years ago, we said we would like to travel for 3-5 years, living in each place for one year. We anticipated that our final year would perhaps be a more nomadic, full time type of travel. As you all know, plans change. That’s why we like to hold ours loosely! We ended up doing our full time travel year this past year, during Year 2. And we will veer off course again a bit for Year 3, as it’s less about travel but more about a short term commitment to a job and community we love. Still a one year plan, but as we get closer and closer to our self-imposed deadline for “settling down”, some of our priorities and ideas have changed.


December Vlog Challenge: Christmas Market

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! (; Although for you, it may be the day before Christmas already by the time you view this! As our friends and family gather over on the other side of the pond, we are getting sentimental and getting off-schedule to share a fun holiday experience for our second to last installment in the December Vlog Challenge.

It’s hard to be away from all our normal traditions for the holidays, but I didn’t mind adding in a couple [dozen] Christmas markets this year. Thanks to T for walking through all those stalls with me! I think the mulled wine might have been a good incentive for him…

Hope you enjoy this video of one of our favorite markets– in Basel, Switzerland. We visited with my cousin and her family the first night, but as you’ll see in the video, we ended up returning for a longer meander through the market during the day. As for the details of us getting separated, we’ll just say it’s still up in the air who was lost from whom!

Happy Christmas, friends!!

December Vlog Challenge: Creative Gifting

Coming at you from Dublin this Wednesday! Just me today for our sixth December Vlog Challenge… talking about lots of random things (I tend to go off on rabbit trails a lot in real life, and online) and then a tiny bit of creative gifting ideas as well.

We have prioritized traveling in our budget the past few years, and that has left us with little to put towards other areas, like gifting. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to exercise the love language of gifts! We’ve always been huge fans of creative, thoughtful presents that can be given with lots of love and only a little money. And now we’re really getting to put that into practice.

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What are ways that you gift creatively (this season and/or year-round)? What type of present is your favorite?


December Vlog Challenge: Christmas Songs

Week two of the #decembervlogchallenge is COMPLETE! Woohoo!!

I have to say, the idea seemed good and fun and jolly when I first dreamed it up– and it has been all those things– but it has certainly lived up to the challenge part of its name as well. We are embarrassingly last minute about our videos and this challenge is revealing that in ways we can’t ignore.

Who stays at home for half the day when you’re in Paris so that you can film yourselves eating breakfast and singing Christmas songs?? We do.

I’m so glad we’re doing it though! We could not stop giggling as we editing this vlog and I hope you can have a little laugh at our expense too. Our lip syncing is spot on (;

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December Vlog Challenge: Dear Santa

december vlog challenge

Time for week two of our #decembervlogchallenge! This time I fulfilled the purpose of our challenge and pushed us to try something a little more creative. I hope you enjoy our tongue-in-cheek letter to Santa.

Fun fact: As a child, I was never led to believe Santa was real. He was just a really jolly character from the modern Christmas holiday. And I think Tyler and I will do the same with our kids. But shhh.. don’t tell Santa I said that! I can still be “Santa’s #1 fan”!

As I planned how we wanted to do our “Dear Santa” video, I contemplated the serious vs. humorous. With so much that is going on in the world, sometimes I think all we should be asking for this year is world peace. In the end, I went for a light-hearted version, but in case you’re feeling my sentiments this year, here is a song that gets me tearing up every year. <3

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December Vlog Challenge: Winter Wonderland

december vlog challenge winter wonderland

It’s time for another #decembervlogchallenge post! This time we’re taking you on a tour of the snowy mountainside in the Black Forest of Germany. Just a low-key, wrap up in something cozy, cup your hands around a thermos of hot chocolate, turn up the soft Christmas music, totally relax kind of winter wonderland tour.

If you’re wanting to link up your own Christmas-themed vlogs from this week, visit the first post from the challenge here!

And just in case you are new and want to jump in, the prompts are below. Wednesdays are for topics everyone follows, and Saturdays are open to share your own kind of Christmas cheer! So take note of bold Wednesday posts that everyone can do, and the italic Saturday posts are just our ideas for the “open ended” days, which you’re welcome to steal and reinterpret for yourself as well (:

2 CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS from childhood, your favorite, ones you do with a significant other, what you plan to do/do with your kids

5 SNOWY WINTER SCENE-or maybe another local Christmas event you attend?

9 DEAR SANTA LETTER- what would you write if you were going to write one this year… serious or funny!

12 FAVORITE HOLIDAY SONGS- easy for anyone! read us a list, karaoke a little for us, get creative!

16 CREATIVE GIFTING- what are some ideas for getting creative with gifting this year? whether it’s for $$ reasons, feeling extra crafty, looking to really personalize gifts, etc… (for us it’s being on the other side of the world from our family!)

19 MAKING “STOCKINGS”- we’re putting together ghetto stockings/paper bags (ha!) as our Christmas decor “on the road” this year.. maybe you could tell us about your home decorations?

23 THREE WAYS TO BE INTENTIONAL THIS SEASON- I really don’t want to get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas, and it takes a conscious effort sometimes! how do you manage this? what are your tips?

26 A LONDON CHRISTMAS- I plan to post a little video of our London Christmas.. probably our dinner with friends and some Christmas activities… you can do the same wherever you are! since this is the day after Christmas I plan to keep it simple/minimum time input 🙂

30 ONE GREAT THING FROM 2015 AND ONE THING TO ANTICIPATE IN 2016- just a little way to wrap up 2015 and start 2016 off with some positive vibes!