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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’d like to think a video is just heaps on heaps of story-telling goodness. Always on a mission to catalogue my life for future enjoyment, I occasionally put together a moving picture.

December Vlog Challenge: Christmas Traditions

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And it’s ready! Our first official post from our December vlog challenge (Christmas Traditions Edition). I’m talking all about those traditions from childhood past and marriage present. All the things that combine together to give you the warm fuzzies every time this season rolls around. Wish I was gathered across the table from you with an apple cider or peppermint mocha, but our computers will have to do as the gateway to our community.

I’m excited to hear what traditions strike a chord with you! Whether you hate my Christmas Eve present opening (Tyler would love your support) or you also are a White Christmas diehard fan, let us know in the comments below!

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Annoucement: December Vlog Challenge

Happy Advent Season friends!! As some of you know, I love capturing videos as well as photos to remember all our adventures. However, it’s not something we do often. It seems videos are just more awkward to do out in public, and you certainly see all your quirks when watching yourself talk.  With that said, videos are some of my favorite ways to record memories and show others what life is like for the Murphmans. And Tyler and I both have our favorite youtube vloggers to watch for inspiration or a good laugh.

This month, we wanted to capture the magic and lights of the advent season by committing to regular filming. To really challenge us, I set a goal to post twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday. We’ll get creative with our videos, but they will all be Christmas-themed. Yay!!

Today is the FIRST DAY and I’m so stoked! I’ve invited some others to join and hope I’ll get to see others’ Christmas stories too. But even if it’s just us, I know it will be a fun project for Tyler and I to do together.

But I do have to admit a super bummer that today– on our very first day!!– we will not have our video up. #bloggerfail! As you know, we are traveling, and the place we are staying tonight has unexpectedly slow internet. So we’re announcing the December Vlog Challenge and opening up the link up today (link-up now available here!) So disappointed, but with traveling we have learned to roll with the punches, and now I’m learning I must plan [way] ahead (;

Merry Christmas and let’s get vlogging!!

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Happy Halloween!

We took a walk late in the day the other afternoon, creeping into the woods as the darkness was creeping up on us. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m 100% scared of the dark. Or rather… what lies hidden in the dark. But I thought the shadows in the graveyard were too interesting not to whip out my phone and capture a bit of it. I even fell behind Tyler and our dog to do it. So of course I had to make use of my “bravery” with a fun little video, our spooky treat for you on Halloween.


Making Sussmost in Switzerland

When it comes to beverages, I’m a pretty plain Jane kind of girl. Much to Tyler’s disappointment I think. He loves his snobby coffees and his craft beers. He is always reading up on the newest producers and types of production. He is in the know when it comes to drinks.

I, on the other hand, drink just water and tea. And maayyybe a Long Island Iced Tea if I’m feeling wild like I want to drink socially. (And yes, I know that’s made with coke. That’s why I ask them to make it with tea! Yes, I do. I ask the bartender.) But on the odd chance I’m in a hotel and I’m feeling the need to #getmymoneysworth, I will drink apple juice with breakfast. It’s something I suffer through, like eating yogurt. It’s good for me. So I drink it once or twice a year.

But sussmost.. this is an entirely different kind of apple juice. It may actually be similar to all those nasty cold ciders people drink, but something about knowing where the apples are picked and seeing the machines my family uses to press them… it just makes the drink so refreshing and delicious. Under the umbrella of apfelsaft (apple juice), süßmost is the sweet child, with apfelwein at the sour other end, and ghürotne right in the middle.

/ˈzyːs moːʃt/
– unfermented apple juice or cider
– English spelling: sussmost

I’ve grown up seeing the sussmost presses in my family’s barn, and I’ve drunk the sweet cider every summer I’ve been in Switzerland. Once when I was younger, we were there at just the right time to help sell it from the street booth at the end of the season. This year, Tyler and I were lucky enough to help prepare the sussmost for our family reunion. We helped pick apples from a few different orchards, wash the apples in the outdoor trough, cut out the bruised spots (fun fact: we only use apples that have already fallen to the ground), and then grind and press the apples in the truly antique machine.

And we got to bike everywhere with a cute apple cart! Totally felt like mini farmers. Loved it. Hope you love the video of it 🙂

The Murphmans Fly to Europe!

And… we’re here! (London, that is.) After several weeks of constant travel–which you can always follow along real-time via Instagram and Snapchat!–we are semi-settled in one place and back to blogging. We have lots of stories to share and are working on new ways to share them.

This week we’ll be trying to play catch up so we’re dumping a lot of posts at once. And you’re even getting the pleasure of multiple videos 🙂 Hope you don’t mind! We’re always working on improving those random videos, but as Tyler has been pushing me.. “finished is more important than perfect!”

This video is a condensed look at our flight(s) to Europe. The trip was relatively uneventful, even with a couple delays thrown in there. We were caught in the middle of being immensely excited and in a surreal fog. The departure from Philadelphia was a rush of goodbyes and catching trains and realizing we had to check the bags we’d planned to carry on. We didn’t end up loving our experience with Iceland Air, and probably won’t fly with them again, but we had plenty of chocolate and granola bars to keep us happy. And 16+ hours later, we made it safe and sound, with our own little camper van in the garden to make our home.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Plans for Year Two

Long time no see, friends! It has been awhile since we’ve posted.. we’ve been in the throes of moving. Packing all our things, selling belongings, moving out of our apartment, temporary residence in our friends’ home, #allthecrazy!

But now.. we are already on the road and out of Alaska. How has this time arrived already?! Year one of travel. Done. We said from the beginning– and had to convince many an Alaskan doubter– that we would not allow the Last Frontier to entice us to settle down. We accomplished the feat, but not without doubts of our own and a part of our hearts permanently stamped with a longing for the wild north.

But now it’s time for the next season of our adventure! Since we’ve been getting lots of questions from friends and family that we’ve seen in person– and we assume there would be questions from other distant connections if you even realized this time had arrived– we decided it was about the right moment to announce our plans for the next year. Hope you enjoy our little video with our newest news!!