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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’d like to think a video is just heaps on heaps of story-telling goodness. Always on a mission to catalogue my life for future enjoyment, I occasionally put together a moving picture.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska

A new vlog! It’s been awhile since we’ve uploaded anything to our youtube channel, so we thought we’d record some of our latest adventure out skiing/snowboarding. As fun as it is to write posts and be able to go back and read them as memory-keepers, having video is even more entertaining. Every time we watched these clips during editing, we laughed at the same parts and made fun of [mostly my] several weird conversation quirks. I think these are going to be my favorite types of posts to return to in the future!

While watching this one, a few things to take note of:

– Snow conditions were awful!

– Tyler picked snowboarding back up pretty quickly but I skied like a little old lady. Not pictured: me self-destructing every time I picked up any speed at all.

– It was such an empty day out on the mountain since it was the middle of the week.. prime time to be learners since we had a lot of space to ourselves!

Ok… enjoy!

House Tour – After

Now that fall is decidedly here and the temps are dropping every week, it is so nice to have our cozy little apartment to come home to after being out and about in the brisk air. Even now, I’m cuddled up on the couch under a blanket, typing away by the hazy glow of our hanging string lights. All I need is a big ol’ mug of our apple cider, but alas, I finished that off this weekend 🙂

We gave you a quick tour of our apartment shortly after moving in, and I promised that we’d have an “after” tour once we had things unpacked and set up. Well, the time has come for round two! In case you missed the first one, feel free to check it out here. I refer to it [too] often in this new video– “like I mentioned earlier” — so consider yourself forewarned.

Welcome to the Murphmans’ home!

A Day in Seattle


Seattle has always been a city where I wanted to live someday. During one of my “life sciences” classes in high school, we had to create an imaginary budget for our future life in a future city. I picked Seattle. Unlike most people, I have always loved rain and don’t really mind the cold. So, the varied and vast range of food, beer, and culture has always been my main draw to the Emerald City.

However, enter Linda. My beautiful wife grew up in the warm and sunny South and tends to avoid things like rain and cold like the plague. So, with our wonderful union, my hopes, dreams, and imaginary budget for Seattle were washed away. But all is not lost! For we had a chance to visit Seattle on our way to Anchorage! And guess what? It was warm AND sunny. I spent most of the day trying to convince Linda that it was like this year round. Did she buy it? Absolutely not. But at least we stayed dry the entire day and a half we spent there. There is hope for our future in the northwest.

Here’s what our day looked like, with description/photos followed by a short video:


Flattop Mountain Hike

I know we’ve mentioned this hike several times between the blog, our Facebook page, and Instagram. But it was just such a good afternoon for us! And so beautiful too. It’s really been the only time we’ve ventured out to enjoy Alaskan nature, besides our evening walks around the neighborhood. Hopefully we’ll go again tomorrow if the weather decides to lift it’s overcast gloom. In the meantime though, we’ll be reliving the experience through these photos and short video. Hope you enjoy it too!


House Tour- Before

We’re finally ready to share the apartment with you all! This is a quick “before” tour, and we’ll get an “after” video up in a few weeks. We’ve already crossed off a lot of to-do’s and projects– that’s what happens when you’re both home all day– but we have a little more to do before we feel settled enough to shoot a good complete “after”.

We feel so lucky to have found such a cute place. I’ve been confident throughout this move that “God will provide”, but we all know that doesn’t always happen on our timeline. So being able to sign a lease so quickly– by Anchorage standards– was certainly not a test of patience, but a reward of faith this time.