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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’d like to think a video is just heaps on heaps of story-telling goodness. Always on a mission to catalogue my life for future enjoyment, I occasionally put together a moving picture.

Empty House Tour

I so enjoyed setting up our first house and designing the space to fit our needs and style. (If you want to get an idea of what it looked like– and how hard it was to say goodbye– you can check out this earlier post about letting go of our newlywed home.) But just in the past couple of weeks, we had to start transitioning into taking apart our home. It was exhausting work, but I have to say it wasn’t nearly as sad as I anticipated. I think the fact that we were drained physically meant that our bodies had little resources left to allocate to our emotions. So in the end, this video tour of our empty home was rushed enough to avoid any threatening tears or constricting throats. It was our last goodbye to the home, shot just minutes before we pulled away.



Packing Tips: Rolling Your Closet

Since the actual packing up weekend was much more taxing than I’d anticipated, we didn’t have the chance to upload a lot of the story as it unfolded. But here you can get a glimpse of how we managed to fit our whole life into the back of a CR-V and a 5×8 trailer… Efficient packing! We rolled all our clothes into boxes, and you can see just how much fit in the short video below. In the end, I had five small boxes of all my closet contents. I was pretty pleased.

Rolling clothes is perfect for moving, but also just traveling! We have all the clothes that we kept out to wear during the trip rolled up in one backpacking pack. It’s amazing how much fits so tightly sandwiched in there. In fact– fun side story– my sister said her bag was once searched at the airport because by rolling her clothes, they were so compact that the TSA agent couldn’t see clearly into her bag on the scanner! I don’t suppose that sounds like an encouraging bonus to rolling clothes.. but imagine how much more you could take 🙂

1st Anniversary: Honorary Donations

Since our wedding weekend rushed by in a blur, we took time this weekend to look back at pictures and experience the beauty all over again. Just in case you need a recap too, here’s the ceremony and reception crammed into 30 seconds.

And if you want even more wedding fun, check out the video of Day One on Instagram. It’s now available for any blog reader to view through the widget in the right sidebar.

During the planning process, I would have described our wedding as very DIY. As motivation for our do-it-yourself pursuits, we decided that any money left over from our total budget amount would be allocated towards donations and savings. We carefully planned to achieve this financial goal by DIY means.

However, by the time I was in the car headed to the honeymoon, I knew it had in no way been a do-it-yourself kind of affair. Not because we hired anyone last minute, but because, in the end, it was our families and friends who made the whole thing possible. Their manpower enabled us to have a handmade wedding.


O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

That old folk song regals the evergreen as delightfully green in both summer and winter, sunshine and snow.  We didn’t have any fluffy white ground cover when we went to pick out our own Christmas tree, but by the time we had it up and fully decorated at home, there was a light dusting outside.  And by the time we had this video put together and somewhat edited, there was a good six inches on our lawn.  And by the time we got said video on our blog… well, by some stroke of Christmas luck, it has not melted into Spring yet. Enjoy!

^^^ We cut a tree down every year– always a different one– and save a sliver of the tree trunk on which to write on the type of tree and date.  Thanks to St. Joe’s Tree Farm for creating such seasonal fun.  It is a great place to go if you enjoy perusing the forest on your own, looking for that Perfect Tree.