December Vlog Challenge: Christmas Traditions

And it’s ready! Our first official post from our December vlog challenge (Christmas Traditions Edition). I’m talking all about those traditions from childhood past and marriage present. All the things that combine together to give you the warm fuzzies every time this season rolls around. Wish I was gathered across the table from you with an apple cider or peppermint mocha, but our computers will have to do as the gateway to our community.

I’m excited to hear what traditions strike a chord with you! Whether you hate my Christmas Eve present opening (Tyler would love your support) or you also are a White Christmas diehard fan, let us know in the comments below!

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  • Katrine

    This is such a great idea! And we have all the same traditions! 🙂

  • My parents would let me open one present on Christmas eve as I would get so antsy! haha. I LOVE White Christmas it’s my favorite holiday movie. Though Elf and The Holiday are great “modern” movies.

    • Haha yes that might be how our Christmas Eve present opening started. But now I love it so much! And I’m working on finding some unique Christmas movies.. Do you have any hidden gem favorites?

  • The earlier, the better, for Christmas present, I’d say. I’m not so good at waiting! Thanks! I actually linked up the video we made before I heard about your challenge, but it’s all about Christmas traditions, so it’s perfect.

    • Yay!! So glad you linked up! Love your video. It’s so fun to see how Christmas varies from place to place, although most European countries so far have been fairly similar, at least in temps! ha

  • I love Elf and The Holiday! They are definitely two of my favorites. And Jimmy Carey’s The Grinch. Our Christmas tradition is getting a special ornament for the tree. Something that symbolized the year to us or meant something important. I also have always loved Christmas candlelight service!

    • I love that tradition with the ornament!! So meaningful. And this year, I’m really trying to convince everyone to go to Midnight Mass in London (for Christmas Eve).. I think that would be the best candlelight service ever!! Fingers crossed 🙂

  • That’s so exciting! I’m going to try and join in! 🙂 Have fun in Europe!

    • Yes please do! I can send you the prompts if you’d like.. Just leave your email here in the comments or email me- linda[at]