Driving to Alaska: Marion to Seattle

A week ago we had three new members arrive to our house from Indiana. Hobbes flew in– spoiled thing– and my friend and her boyfriend made the drive up. It was a little chaotic to have our household more than double in size within a couple days, but it was so fun to have some of our favorites all in one place! Hearing about our friends’ trip brought back lots of memories from our own drive, which had been completed exactly a month prior.

We decided the occasion called for a little reminiscing on the blog, and we finally put together our footage from our trip. (About time, right?!) We managed to cut down literally hours of short clips into three manageable sections, the first being our trip from Marion to Seattle. We hope you enjoy getting a look at our week of traveling the American West!

I present to you:

The Murphmans Drive to Alaska: Part One


Life Through Our Side View Mirror


We Thumbs Up Everyone, Everywhere


Sometimes it hits us how unreal this adventure is… it often feels so much like regular life that we forgot what an amazing dream we are living. Thanks for giving us an excuse to look back and see it all with new eyes!

August 25, 2014
August 29, 2014
  • Yacouba

    Brought back a lot of memories of a drive from Seattle to Charlotte in January 2012 with Caleb Knowlton. I guess you didn’t meet the guy with the kangaroo hopping around in the Ace Hardware in WA State; otherwise that would have made it into the video!

    • Nope we didn’t meet the kangaroo, or you’re right.. it definitely would be in the video! Long road trips do make for interesting experiences and good stories.

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