Farewell Alaska

When we first arrived in Anchorage, literally the first thing every person would say upon hearing our plan to move in a year was everybody says that, but no one ever leaves Alaska. In our true humble fashion, we were still laughing (scoffing?) at this the day we pulled our packed out UFO trailer out of town. However, as the weeks have passed and we dream of fall in Alaska, we are starting to realize… they were right. It doesn’t take long and Alaska grabs ahold of you. We’re homesick already. As a tribute– and as usual, a memory-jogger for my future elderly self– we are posting a slew photos from that time the young Murphmans brazenly spent just one year in Alaska.


Late Summer 2015

We were in awe of the natural beauty, probably smiling like fools every time we went outside. We couldn’t get enough of the mountains. Tyler started working at his dream job– baking bread– while I considered how to set up our apartment, and how to keep the sunlight out of the bedroom at night.

IMG_8924 IMG_8940IMG_9043 IMG_9438 IMG_9446 IMG_9712IMG_1800

Fall 2015

We continued to enjoy the outdoors, and we also began to reach out and get involved in our community. It was exciting to meet new people and begin to feel at home in our city. We weren’t sure that we would get a nice autumn season, but it turned out to be gorgeous.

IMG_9939 IMG_1362IMG_1384DSC_0114IMG_1480 IMG_1119 IMG_1143 IMG_1179 IMG_1440 DSC_0196 DSC_0203 IMG_1516

Winter 2015/2016

This season started earlier than we were used to, with the first snowfall arriving before Halloween. Although there was a disappointing lack of snow overall, we loved seeing the mountains slowly blanketed with white. We did a little skiing and ice skating, and we had fun adventuring out of town to find a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree in the wild.

IMG_2472IMG_2767IMG_2853IMG_2978IMG_2995IMG_3029DSC_0333 DSC_0334DSC_0353DSC_0398 IMG_4190

We took a break-from-winter vacation– a foray into the world of snowbirds– to the lower 48 to see my parents in SC and Tyler’s parents in FL. We loved the sudden sunshine and little bit of warmth. 


Spring 2016

Spring arrived, and with it the thawing of our bones and the refreshing of our minds. We were looking forward to our next adventure in Europe, but trying to stay rooted in our current home. The mountains didn’t shock us at every turn, but we still loved getting to know Alaska during this season where everything seems new in a way that Spring in a place with less severe winters doesn’t know. We experienced our first few weekends out on the water, and Tyler was convinced he needed his own boat soon 🙂

DSC_0107 IMG_6139IMG_6516IMG_2459DSC_0008IMG_2557IMG_2530 IMG_8516 IMG_8559 IMG_8657

Summer 2016

I opened the summer with a trip to Hawaii to reunite with my sister, and she returned with me to make us a family of three for a few months. We began to spend every free weekend out on the water or up in the mountains, and we bonded even more with our closest friends in Alaska. It was so nice to have a circle of community, even though we could feel the end coming near. We learned how hard it is to walk the line of planning for the future and living in the moment, and overall we erred on the side of present-living. We don’t regret a thing, as Alaska in the summer is intense and brilliant.

IMG_8474IMG_8793IMG_8802 IMG_8827 IMG_8883IMG_8955IMG_2658 IMG_9111 IMG_9147 IMG_2726DSC_0007DSC_0008DSC_0020DSC_0021IMG_9483IMG_9509IMG_9551IMG_9563IMG_9604 IMG_9648 IMG_2964 IMG_0531Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 presetIMG_0565IMG_0640IMG_0768IMG_0839

Despite ignoring the impending move, it of course came right on time. We took family photos for our house sitting account, packed our sunny apartment, said goodbye to our dear friends, and headed out of Alaska.

IMG_2816IMG_9835 IMG_1093 IMG_1117 


And that’s a wrap! We loved our year in Anchorage, and I feel more homesick for that place than any other place I’ve lived. I don’t know that we will ever return to settle there, but if all the prophesies of those countless Alaskans come to pass, we will be called back to spend the rest of our stationary years nestled between the mountains and sea. We’ll see…

  • Diane

    Where is Hobbes?

    • Sadly, we had to let Hobbes be adopted by our neighbors in Anchorage. They are really great animal-lovers, but it is still hard to think about these days.. Thanks for remembering him though!

      • Diane

        Oh my. I know that is so hard for you. But I’m glad you found him a good home!

  • Wow! Your pictures are stunning! I love to travel too and Alaska is on my short list. Thanks for helping make it up the list!

    • Yay! We love Alaska and love convincing people to visit! If you need any recommendations on something specific, let us know 🙂

  • These photos are beautiful. Alaska has never really been on my list of places to visit, but now it definitely will be! What a blessing to be able to spend a year among such beauty 🙂

    • Thanks, Monica! We really loved it. It’s definitely a place I’d recommend putting on your travel bucket list!! It’s so easy to get to and navigate once you’re there. Lots of options to have guided tours if you’d like, but lots of people also explore on your own and it’s very tourist friendly as it’s still the States and the language and culture are mostly the same 🙂

  • I feel like I just missed you! There was an awesome blogger in Alaska and I totally didn’t find you till after you left! Wah! I’m so glad you got to spend time here and fall in love with it. It’s truly an amazing place. The winters are really rough on my family and I, but the summers are SO WORTH IT.

    • Hey Allie! YES the summers are amazing!! And honestly, we were really looking forward to winter too for all the sports but last year disappointed. We only got the darkness. Boo!! And now that we’ve gone, you’re getting all the snow this year! haha… That’s life I guess. We’ll just have to return some day 😉

    • Oh and also, we can still be Alaskan blogging buddies!!

  • Beautiful pictures! My family and I are planning a trip to Anchorage in late May/early June, I as wondering if you could give me any tips on places to go/eat and things to do? If it’s easier- you can email me at anniegarver@gmail.com.Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, I’d love to!! I actually have a super long compilation of tourist advice. I have been meaning to post it on here for months, but I’ll go ahead and unearth it from my drafts and send it on over to 🙂