Fireside Chat: Recap of Year 2 + Announcement of Year 3

Hello long lost friends and family! We’ve been MIA from the blog for many months now, and it’s been a good time of transitioning back to the States and catching up with people in real life. However, as we set out to begin Year 3 of our plans, we thought it was time for one of our announcement videos.

When we began this journey years ago, we said we would like to travel for 3-5 years, living in each place for one year. We anticipated that our final year would perhaps be a more nomadic, full time type of travel. As you all know, plans change. That’s why we like to hold ours loosely! We ended up doing our full time travel year this past year, during Year 2. And we will veer off course again a bit for Year 3, as it’s less about travel but more about a short term commitment to a job and community we love. Still a one year plan, but as we get closer and closer to our self-imposed deadline for “settling down”, some of our priorities and ideas have changed.

In the first half of this video, we talk about our last year and cover some FAQ’s that have been posed to us over and over these past few months. Just know that there are countless answers unrecorded– we have so many more favorites and memories and lessons learned! It just isn’t possible to cram it into a five minutes soundbite.

We obviously also spend a little time talking about Year 3. This time though, we are pretty much giving you all the details we know! We don’t have a clue what all this next year will hold, but we’re excited about the possibilities. We look forward to lots of growth and further understanding our purpose here on this earth. Travel has affected us in her classic way: opening our eyes to both our own insignificance, but also the impact one life can have.

Finally, please reach out to us with any questions about Year 2 or Year 3! And if you’re just interested in what became of the rest of our trip that is yet to be documented here, don’t worry. We have so many photos and stories still to share, little by little!



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  • This is so exciting! I’m glad I got to follow along on snapchat last year and see parts of your journey. Congrats on the move to Alaska, and be safe on your drive there!

  • Alyssa

    Just stumbled upon your lovely blog and could not be more intrigued! I was born in raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and am just starting out on some lifetime travel goals. Would love to discuss your travel experiences and gain some wisdom!

    • Hi Alyssa! Sorry my response is so delayed… We were just moving back up to AK and getting settled when I got the notification about your comment, and then I could not for the life of me go back and find it! And just now I stumbled across your comment. Thanks for the sweet words. I would love to chat about your travel goals! Let me know if you’re still interested 🙂