Good Things: 3 Month Edition

Time for our Good Things post! Or actually, way overdue time for our post. I almost got it done and posted by the last day of July, but we ran into some technical difficulties. Chiefly, our computer died on us. But that brings me right into the first “good thing”!




The Genius Bar employee at the Apple Store in Rome replaced our charging brick fo’ free!! It was such a huge blessing since we really didn’t want to dip into the last little bit of travel savings we have left to pay for an $80 fix. Our computer battery is still on its last leg, but this new charger will get us through another few months.

We had an amazing meal at an Italian agriturismo. Five courses for about twenty euros. Each dish prepared so simply and so beautifully. All ingredients grown at the farm or sourced from the surrounding area. Tyler was of course in heaven, but even I managed to squeeze almost every bite of those five courses into my stomach!

Overall, our road trip went so well. We only had one small run-in (with a wall no less) and our insurance covered the charges that little scrape accrued. Tyler was a champ on the tiny, mountainous Italian roads… I think he’s now a pro at manual transmissions!

The scenery in Switzerland is at the top of Tyler’s gratefulness list, and I would say the beaches in Italy are on mine. I can’t get enough of that heat and beach culture!

We had both my cousin and his wife, as well as a friend from Alaska, come and meet up with us for parts of our road trip. The more, the merrier!!


DSC_0370 (1)


We spent pretty much our whole month in Macedonia and ate like kings. At least, kings who love cheese. In particular, there is a special white cheese there that is similar to feta, but 100% better. We wish we could find it elsewhere!

We found an amazing deal on rent in Skopje, and we felt right at home in our flat. This was another blessing as we knew our housing fund was going to take a hit once we moved into eurozone prices.

Tyler’s phone was stolen, which was a major bummer, but we are thankful to have emergency savings that could cover purchasing a new one outright. The timing also worked out perfectly for Tyler to purchase it online from the States, ship it to my cousin, and have my cousin hand-deliver it when he and his wife met up with us. And now, Tyler has a shiny new updated phone!


DSC_0919 (1)


This is where I’m kicking myself for not keeping up with our Good Things series!! May included all of Thailand and all of Turkey. That is so much travel!! And seems so long ago now!

Of course, Tyler’s best memories always involve food. Khao soi in Thailand was his absolute favorite, and perhaps his favorite food of the year.

I enjoyed our slower pace of life in Thailand, especially a motorbike trip we took from Chiang Mai to Pai, and back again. It was hot as blazes, but we loved the views. And Pai was a cute, sleepy little town.

We really enjoyed our time in Bangkok. Besides just enjoying the city, we also got a taste of home. Garret Popcorn and Krispy Kreme!! Things we rarely eat back home, but it is a comfort to have it while on the road.

We also got to meet up with a friend who lives in Bangkok, and she was the best tour guide! She took us to a hidden little island covered with trees and biking trails. It was the perfect escape from the crazy city.

Turkey took up the second half of the month, and it was one of our favorite countries of the year. The people were amazing and so kind, the scenery was unlike anything we’ve seen before, and of course… the rugs. Such gorgeous rugs.

Thankfully, none of the bombings and riots occurred in Istanbul while we were there, but we are still heart broken over the unrest that has been plaguing this country. We hope only for the best future possible for Turkey!

  • Chicken khao soi is my fave Thai food! I have so much to catch up on since you guys started your travels :))

    • Tyler loved it!! But it was way too spicy for me. haha. And yes.. in a few weeks we’ll be settled (temporarily!) back in the States, and we should definitely have another Skype date to catch up. I know you have a lot of stories to tell me too!!

  • I can’t believe how quickly all of that traveling went by! (Ha, well at least for me, following along on Snapchat lol) What an amazing year you’ve had…I can only imagine the photos and the memories you’re going to have forever about it all!

    • I knooow!! It has truly flown by. On one hand, I can’t wait to get home and have some stability, and see friends and family, but on the other hand, I’m just not ready to be done. There is still so much to see! haha.

  • I miss khao soi soo much! There was a restaurant near my school in Bangkok that we always ate lunch at and she always knew that if she had khao soi on the menu that day, that’s what we would all be eating!

    • Tyler is on a mission to recreate it! One of our friends here in AK has also had it and loves it, so I’ll let you know if we master a good recipe!