Good Things: December

At the end of every year, it’s common practice to look back at all the decisions and events that transpired in the past 365(ish) days. Recall, review, reconsider. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, and before January 1st I can guarantee we’re going to post a wrap up just like last year!

But as I’m going back over the last year on the blog, I realized something truly horrifying. In all of 2015… there were only two Good Things posts! TWO!! We had started quite well in 2014 with this habit of gratitude, but somehow we got off track this last year. Which, by the way, we reached three years of blogging the other week. Can you believe it?

I’m working to get back on track with our Good Things this next year, and I think a once a month roundup is a good goal. Hold me to it!

So.. here goes for December:

– Spending an afternoon at the Louvre… It was so empty and we got to wander for hours soaking up all the art.

– Having fois gras at a little restaurant in Paris, seated on the second level overlooking a long street winding down the hill, tall old apartment buildings lining the sides with twinkling lights strung everywhere. The fois gras was alright too (;

– Getting a new lens for our camera as an early Christmas present.. lots of practice to do now!

– Visiting my sister in Dublin. Reunited at last after three months!! She was a great host.

– Having everything from a Guinness beer straight from the their warehouse tap to a traditional Irish breakfast from a little eatery in the neighborhood.

– Returning to London, the first city of our European travels. It was like coming home in a way… All the familiar city areas and restaurants and public transportation. A good place to spend the holidays, although we do think Germany would be the ideal Christmas vacation!

– Having our friends come to visit all the way from Alaska! Truly such a treat. I’ve been miserably sick all week so I’ve been a bit lame, but they have still gotten us out and about more than I would have probably been up for if it were just us. A good thing when you want to enjoy your short time in London!

– Saw the show Wicked! So colorful and upbeat. We’re already looking up new shows we could see in the next couple weeks.

– Tyler made an exceptional Christmas dinner in the familiar American style. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole… all smothered in gravy. Yum!!

What good things have come your way this month?

  • Wicked is my all-time favorite musical!! Even Kyle liked it!! I’m also a huge fan of Lion King, but Aladdin was disappointing. I saw Les Mis last time I was in London & it was incredible!!!

    • Oooh good to know!! We’ll have to look into showing of Lion King. I’ve seen ads everywhere. Tyler had already seen Wicked but went along with it because none of the rest of us had seen it and it comes so highly recommended. I have to admit this particular showing of Wicked was not impressive on the talent side, but it was still so fun. We all left loving it!

  • I had a chance to see Wicked in Chicago several years ago. I remember the costumes being so beautiful!

    • I think that may have been my favorite part! It was just so colorful with the costumes and set and everything. I haven’t seen the Wizard of Oz movie in years but it inspired me to find it somewhere. Every so often you need a little whimsy 🙂