Good Things Lately (or not so lately)

It’s been ages since we have written a post about all the good things that have come our way. Since we’re creeping towards Thanksgiving, I thought it was about time to get back in the habit of recording our gratitude and positive vibes in this online space.

Side note: This is the first time I won’t be spending my favorite holiday celebrating with family and/or friends.. Europe, why oh why won’t you celebrate Thanksgiving?? Ok. I know why. But it would be nice…

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Tyler and I spent a few moments this morning putting our heads together and coming up with an epic list of thanksgiving. Here are [just some of ] the good things we’ve enjoyed during our travels thus far:

– pizzas the size of our heads in Italy (for 4 euros)

– beers for 25 cents (sense a theme? ;))

– cheap transportation around an entire continent (who knew Europe could be cheap?!)

– dogs that are super cuddly

– learning about history in Germany

– feeling blessed at the ways we as Americans of this generation have avoided war on our soil

– seeing so many family members that I hadn’t seen in years

– getting to see my cousin’s [super cute] son for the first time and becoming his new favorite people (ok so any new people are his new favorite but it feels good to have kids love you)

– the hospitality of friends and family

– having a personal tour guide make our visit to Germany unexpectedly awesome (thanks Claudia!)

– unusually wonderful and warm weather this season.. we’ve seen European autumn at its finest!

– lots of time together, which leads to…

– lots of time to talk about ourselves, our plans for the year, and our plans for the future, which leads to…

– lots of time to argue intensely, which leads to…

– lots of time to work on our communication and grow closer together in our marriage

– finalizing plans for spending our Christmas and New Years with people we love!!!! in a city we love!!!

So while I go off and scheme on how to make my Thanksgiving extra special with just the two of us, you take a few minutes and jot down some good things you’ve experienced lately. Share some with us if you’d like!

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  • Getting to Europe is the expensive part but once we were there I was shocked at how far our money went even with the conversion rate. Most of our friends have never been (as adults on their own) and choose all inclusive resorts in Mexico etc thinking they are cheaper!

    • Yes I know! We thought western Europe would be so expensive (and in some ways, it is) but we’ve been pleasantly surprised overall. I can’t wait to see how cheap Eastern and Southern Europe are this summer!! Where did you guys come in Europe?

  • First of all, I LOVE your blog. What an awesome niche- I can’t wait to follow along.
    Second of all, have you been to Riga, Latvia yet, because you have to. I haven’t been many places in Europe (YET!) but I met my husband on a mission trip there a few years ago and it is the most magical place. <3

    • Aw thank you for the sweet comment!! We are having lots of fun recording our adventure and have actually been thinking about where we want to guide this online space. I can’t wait to check out your blog as well! And Latvia– how interesting! Totally wasn’t on our list but now it will be! 🙂 Any specific recommendations??

  • Oh man, 25 cent beers – takes me back to college days!! 😉 What fun times you’re sharing together. Sounds like some perfect date days and nights – quality time is the best!

    • Yes it is! That’s where all the growth in marriage happens for us. Also, just posted for National Adoption Month and it made me think of you. I love how you have shared parts of you story, and also totally admire your choice to keep the details private. But just want you to know it’s so encouraging to read other peoples’ stories! Thank you.

      • (Thank you for saying that, Linda. I plan on sharing more this next month 🙂 I’ll be on the lookout for your post!)

  • 25 cent beers… I’m in. I haven’t experienced cheap beer since moving up from Texas!

    • Haha.. Yes I’m sure. Alaska is not cheap!! Europe has actually seemed like a deal in a lot of ways.