Good Things: March

Hello! And happy weekend everyone. March has been a good month, although we didn’t seem to have much of a blog presence the past 30+ days. Just to give you an idea of some of the things we’ve been grateful for the past month:

Week 1:

– Linda’s birthday!! woohoo! I ate plenty of chocolate cake and ice cream, and I got the outrageous candle I’d been eyeing the last few months.
– Tyler’s brother and his wife, Kyle and Alicia, came to visit us for a few days. Lots of excuses for sightseeing and good eating. It was so nice to have family in town!
– Watching the ceremonial start of the Iditarod, a drive to see Matanuska Glacier, and some snowshoeing on a frozen river rounded out the touristy activities.

Week 2:

– We had our neighbor A. over for dinner and it was such a great experience. We know the names of a lot of our neighbors, and we say hi as we pass each other coming and going, but we haven’t spent much time with any of them. We had such a funny evening with A. as she waxed poetic about the deep connections that her recreational drug use provides. Apparently it takes you to another level. But so did the chicken pot pie Tyler made that night, and despite the name there was none of the recently-legalized drug in the recipe. (Although we did discuss cooking with weed with A.!)
– Tyler’s bakery rolled out their new breads… including a gouda stout bread and a baked potato bread! Yum!

Week 3:

– I had an especially good time with my friend’s fourth grade class. I really love those kids, even the ones that drive me crazy.
– Tyler had a really meaningful conversation with a coworker that just encouraged and affirmed the way he is attempting to be a light in his workplace. It was amazing to see this particular person acknowledge the example Tyler is setting.
– I threw a wedding shower for one of my closest friends from college, and it was a beautiful success! I am really thankful to be able to be here in Alaska with her during this time of her life.

Week 4:

– We have made some progress on our plans for next year! We are still working out a Plan B as well, just in case things don’t fall in place as we’re hoping for Plan A.
– We had our second week of the new book study we’re doing with our married’s small group. I really enjoy this group of people and it’s genuinely such a blessing to have these friends in our lives. The couples are from different jobs, churches, and parts of town, but we have managed to find a good community together.
– Our friends gave me their garage code so I could go in to their house one afternoon and do a load of laundry. PTL! (I have a set of emojis I use exclusively for this kind of elation, but unfortunately I can’t enter them here.) I desperately miss having a delicate cycle– or any washing cycle besides “hot” and “cold”–  so it was such a treat to save up a load and take it over there. And I even got to snuggle with their kitten while the laundry ran. It’s the small things… 🙂