I’m Baaaack!! (an update and good things from March)

It’s been about a month since my last post, so I’m popping in again for our monthly series on gratitude and “life lately”. March was a really great month for us, and I have no end of things to share.

Good Things

We started off the month with my birthday! I had gifts sent or given to me from far and near, and it was really a sweet start to year twenty-seven. Which, by the way, I can’t believe I’m heading into my late twenties. Just this last month, we watched the Friends episode where Rachel turns 30 and I totally (!!) get how she felt. I’ve been mourning the end of my twenties for at least two years. Unnecessary? Maybe. But true all the same.

We continued to get to know our new friends at our church in Kuala Lumpur, and we really were blessed by their hospitality and friendship. I can’t stress how special our time there was or how sad we were to leave. We loved KL!! We look forward to the day when we can meet again with some of those awesome people.


We went out for a fun photoshoot one day. A friend from KL is a photographer and we had a blast wandering around gardens and sipping coffee (or iced tea!) in a local coffee shop, all while trying our best not to be awkward in front of her camera (: I am thankful we have such personal souvenirs of our time in this city.

We finally wrapped up our longest housesit to date. It was bittersweet to leave the house we’d gotten comfortable in– and definitely the dogs we’d grown to love, as always!– but it was really nice to finish up that commitment and get on to life on our own again. We’re thankful for our time in that neighborhood though, as we felt right at home and found an area we’d be happy to return and visit again.

We finished off the month with our first trip to a new Asian destination– Penang, Malaysia. I’m afraid it wasn’t my cup of tea, but we did have some amazing food! We probably wouldn’t recommend visiting based on our own experience, but we know lots of other people have enjoyed it, so I think it’s a matter of taste. And when you go, how long you stay, what you do, etc. All those factors that make or break a trip!


If you follow along on Instagram, you’ve seen a few photos of where we’ve been over the last month and a half. And if you’re on Snapchat, you can see tons of videos and photos from our daily life traveling abroad. I finally got a system down for saving my snaps, so I’ve become newly inspired/obsessed with capturing our adventures via this app.

In case you aren’t on either of those social media platforms, let me catch you up. We left KL, went to Penang, returned to KL, flew to Bali, and then flew to Vietnam. We’re in Ho Chi Minh City at the moment, but we leave tomorrow morning on a 20 HOUR train ride!! It’s going to be interesting (:


And finally, an update on our new blog! It’s taken a lot longer than anticipated due to several factors… crazy travel schedule notwithstanding. It is surprisingly hard work for something I find to be a pretty simple idea! But I’m excited that it’s almost finished. The blog content may start looking a bit different, but I hope you still enjoy reading. I’m very excited to start fleshing out some of the travel observations that I furiously type away in my Notes app. Usually these happen in the back of the taxi, when I have a few minutes to watch and think. But these moments are fleeting and barely allow me to jot down a description or two. I really want to work these out into longer stories so that I can preserve the memories.

It’s sad to think of The Murphmans going away… it’s been a part of life for over three years now. I’ve catalogued a lot of newlywed life here. But while the blog goes, perhaps the family nickname will casually remain. I assume we have plenty of friends who will continue to use it!

The Murphmans will be put to rest at the end of April so that the new blog can be launched May 1st. More details will continue to be released over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out!

Happy April, friends!

  • Mabel

    We miss you guys!! We’ve gotten so used to having you guys around that it seemed strange not having you guys around. Enjoy your travels and I’m looking forward to reading more updates xx

    • Thanks Mabel!! <3 Miss you guys tons too. Already scheming when we can visit KL again 🙂

  • I love following your Snaps but glad to see the redesign is almost finished for you! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • Haha thanks.. I’ve been crazy with the snaps lately!! But now I’m really working on getting back to blogging.. I miss it!

  • I’m so glad to have met you guys in KL! You definitely made my experience of coming back into the city more enjoyable :). Come back one day!! And man, 20 train ride?!? No thanks for me! I hope it goes well. And can’t wait to see the new blog launch! x

    • Aww thanks Anna!! It was so fun to meet you too! I hope you enjoy your time in KL as much as we did. It was totally our friends that made the experience. And the train ride– it wasn’t so bad. But I can sleep anywhere! ha.

  • Looking forward to May 1st!

  • Aww, sorry you didn’t enjoy Penang all that much. I think it’s a wonderful place to live, but I can see why it might not be the most thrilling vacation destination. 🙂 Hope your new adventures are wonderful!

    • I wondered if you’d chime in! haha. We mostly just had some bad people interactions in Penang 🙁 But it is a favorite of a lot of tourists!

  • I will never get use to someone taking photos of me. The second I saw my engagement photos I swore of photography shoots for the rest of my life! My sister is turning 30 this August and she seems to be having an existential crisis. Snapchat still eludes me but I suppose I’ll have to give in soon. I’m excited to see the new blog launch! I’ll be back the 1st to check it out!

    • Haha yeah I was pleasantly surprised with our engagement photos, but then since then I think I just had a lucky day that time! But I think it’s also a matter of how often you do it, and the photographer of course! And get on snapchat, girl! It’s my absolute fave and so much fun 🙂