In 2015…

… the days felt long and the year seemed short.

We often talk about how our year still moves on a school kid schedule. We were in school until our early twenties, then we worked for a school, then we started moving to a new place at the end of every summer. So in a way, we’ve had beginnings and endings of years just like everyone else, but we think of them on an August to August kind of rotation.

So when we sit down to think back on 2015, it’s crazy to us that so much of what we think of from “the past year” is actually from 2014. So we immediately cut out half of our memories. And then we realize that what we think of as the last half a year is actually been a whole year!!  That probably doesn’t make sense to anyone but us, but it still blows my mind every time. I just don’t know where 2015 went.

To give you an idea of what’s gone down in 2015, here’s an overview via the same quiz we used last year, plus a few photos just for fun.


We gained too much weight. It’s not just the bears that pack on hibernation weight.

We lost our income when we quit our jobs and started full-time travel.

We stopped eating refined sugar… for about one week.

We started being open to new travel destinations that weren’t “part of the plan”.

We were immensely fulfilled by our encounters with remarkable hospitality while on the road.

We were frustrated by the fact Alaska has actually had a solid snow year this winter.


We were so embarrassed that we didn’t research visas before flying to Europe (Linda’s defense is that she never needed one!!) so we had to frantically figure things out after arrival.

Once again, we sold half our things and packed up the rest to move. If you’re counting, we’re now down to a quarter of our newlywed belongings. haha

Once again, we didn’t make time to call our parents weekly. SORRY!

The biggest difference between us last January and this January is we’re living in Europe... obvious but true.

We loved spending time with really good friends in the community we built in Alaska.

Why did we spend even two minutes arguing about stupid things? And is this always going to be our answer to this?! 


best friend got married

We should have spent more time deepening our spiritual lives. If we’re being honest, it’s been a dry season for us both.

We regret buying the cheapest plane tickets to Switzerland when $50 more would have cut out a whole leg of the journey, and given us a meal and drinks on our flight.

We will never regret buying our packing cubes (thanks for the tip Katrine!) even though with that money we could have bought a couple drinks from Starbucks. Wait.. you’re right. No comparison.

We spent time binge-watching television way too much.

We didn’t read actual books enough.

The consequences of our procrastination drove us crazy. So… we drove ourselves crazy…


Was the world crazier than ever last year? Or was it just us?

The most relaxing place we went was the Florida Keys. We started the year off right with an escape from AK winter and work.

Why did we go to Baden Baden in Germany? The casino and hot springs both had dress codes we didn’t match.

The best thing that we did for someone else was made their dogs babies feel more loved than any other house-sitter.

The best thing that we did for ourselves was save intentionally so we don’t have to work for a year.

The best thing someone did for us was come be our family for Christmas (thanks Caleb, Krista, and Katrine!)

The one thing we’d like to do again, but do it better, is set individual and couple goals for the year.


summer mustache club


We’ve had a very busy Christmas and New Years here in London, so this list didn’t get out quite as early as we’d planned. But it’s nice to know we’re still at the very beginning of January, just at the cusp of the new year! Still considered an acceptable period for reflection on the last year (:

What did you do in 2015? We’d love to know how you would answer some (or all!) of these questions too!

December 30, 2015
  • It’s been a long time since I was in school but I still sort of look at September as the actual start of the year..weird how that happens to us! I love how you broke down your year. We’ve been there before with the cheap ticket situations…sometimes it isn’t worth it!

    • Yes totally… we couldn’t believe that we didn’t get a single meal or drink on all three flights between Philly and Zurich! Totally would have been worth a little more money. Sometimes we’re too thrifty for our own good! haha

  • kimberly oyler

    i so appreciate your honesty in sharing your life with us! traveling can look likes it all fun and games, but we both know thats not the case! hope your new year is off to a good start!

    • Thanks Kimberly!! Yes, I think it’s really hard to be open about the challenges of travel life but not sound like you don’t appreciate the chance to travel. I guess it’s that way with any kind of life. I hope to write even more personal posts this year! Happy New Year to you too!