In the Interest of "Keeping It Real"

This past weekend was amazing and beautiful and refreshing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can see a tiny glimpse from my Instagram here… and we’ll share more photos soon.


However, lest anyone think we only portray our lives as fun and games and grand adventure, I would like to set the record straight.

I know there exists– and if you’re not aware, bless you– this criticism against bloggers who only write about the peachy parts of their lives and post only the most beautiful photos of color-saturated sunny days. You know what? I don’t mind them. Sometimes you really just want to sit down with your morning cup of tea and enjoy a positive reading alternative to the news. And you just want to enjoy those Instagram photos as beautiful artistic expression.

But sometimes, I understand the complaints. You want to see someone’s raw, personal, current situation. You know that the human experience encompasses all those delights and desires and sorrows, and you want to connect with a genuine person offering the hope that you’re not alone.

Here on our blog we do mostly talk about the great things that are happening. It’s because we think life is full of potential and we want to inspire you to greater and better and more fulfilled living. But we also want to share when life’s just not a bowl of peaches. Like I mentioned in our post about why we blog, you should be able to expect a little of the whole spectrum here.

So, I want to share that even when we’re traveling the world and chasing our dreams, it is still hard. Life has been more challenging in the past month than any other time in our marriage. Change is difficult, it shakes us around and up-ends our carefully constructed internal cages. It tears down our regular defenses and excuses, and depletes the energy we normally reserve for politely filtering our real opinions. And that just leaves you with a mess. Lots of uncertainty and worry and shaky accusations… about everyone else, never yourself. It is hard to find the time to clear your mind and calm your heart and figure out what the heck is so upsetting– or exhilarating– at any one moment.

And that’s where we’re at right now. Things are slowing down and we are not fighting anymore just to keep our heads above the waves, but we’re still treading water and that takes some work. We’re thankful for the marriage mentoring we’ve received that has taught us that it is worth the fight, and an island of rest is achievable, even if there will always be seasons in life where the waves of change take over for awhile. We want to share this with you, our reader, because we want you to know that we work to “keep it real” here in this online space. We are real people, living an amazing adventure, and paying the price (which we feel is very much worth it).


Thanks for following along and being a part of our support system! Hope you had a refreshing long weekend as well.

  • Love you guys!!!!!! Happy wife, happy life =)

    • Thanks Joel! We love you guys too! We’re really excited for you guys re: your house. We’ll have to come see it and NOLA someday. Tyler’s never been!

  • it’s hard to complain especially when people around you will just think you’re being ungrateful.. but living an adventurous life can take an toll on you.. it is that constant change.. on top of being newly married? oh man.. i don’t know. we lived at home one year before moving cross country and i feel like every time we moved.. it threw us off.. and we’d have to adjust again. this is year five of marriage.. and we’re just starting to get the hang of it.. but who knows.. things can always change!

    • Thanks for the comment, Esther! It’s good to hear from people in a similar boat. Not sure if it’s encouraging or sobering to know that five years in, it still holds the same challenges. haha. But seriously, thanks for giving a good example of how to make it work! Like I said in the post, it’s hard, but we think worth it.

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