More of Switzerland in iPhone Photos

For about two weeks, Tyler and I joined my family for a road trip. We covered lots of ground, saw lots of people, and had lots of squished quality time in the car! We’ll revisit a couple of these towns in later posts– with actual camera photos– but here is the iPhone roundup!


^^^ this photo is a little misleading as tyler spent most of the time in the backseat with me. but he was still the copilot no matter where he sat, as he held the gps and directed my dad on each turn!


^^^ typical view out the window

IMG_3539 IMG_2002 IMG_2017 IMG_2027 IMG_2057 IMG_2060

^^^ despite being overcast and bit drizzly, lausanne was a lot of fun to revisit. i had just been here four years ago, so i still remembered a lot of the town, but a few things– like the olympic museum– have been completely changed so it was like a brand new experience in some respects! the three kids wandered around town, toured the museum (thank to Elizabeth for the tickets!), and had a picnic while my parents visited their old bible school and a few old friends.

IMG_2078 IMG_2092 IMG_3563 IMG_3573 IMG_3578 IMG_3583

^^^ made a stop in interlaken to stock up on chocolate (check out that grocery store selection!!!) and beer, as well as view the typically swiss buildings– a tourist must. we even got the “real” camera out for a couple shots before it began to rain again.


^^^ more on this lake later, but i couldn’t not share this panoramic of the gorgeous water!

  • Yacouba

    I can only imagine that they have one kind of toothpaste for every hundred kinds of chocolate!

    • Haha yes! In fact, they have one very popular brand called Candida, which I just couldn’t bring myself to use because it always brought to mind a fungal infection. (yuck) But everyone we visited had that brand!

  • did your parents do YWAM in lausanne? the very first base was started there!

    • No way! I did not know that! Do they still have a base there? I haven’t heard anything about it, but that would be awesome. However, no.. my parents didn’t do ywam. It was another Bible school. haha