On New Glasses and Old Vices

Today, instead of finishing a post that I’d already put off for a whole week, I went shopping.

Believe it or not, Tyler actually encouraged this irresponsible behavior. Partly because I think he felt guilty that I’d been wanting to go to this shop for several days now and other things kept “getting in the way”, and partly because all I wanted was to purchase was a pair of cheap glasses and golly if that’s not just plain good for your health and your budget. 

New Glasses

In case you’re wondering, my glasses excursion went wonderfully. I bought two pairs for just over $100, including eye exam, and they were ready in an hour. I mean, service. Thank you Malaysia!

They are very fun and very large. I won’t name any names, but one family member– to whom I think I owe all my creative writing ability– commented that I could go sailing on my new lenses. I took this as a compliment as really, the larger the better in my opinion.

Unfortunately, it is quite dark at this hour here so I can’t get any decent photos. You’ll be sure to see them popping up around here soon though. And you can always find me on snapchat (leendamurph) to get loads of photos from our everyday, including boring healthcare chores like glasses shopping. (Except wait, that is super fun and not at all boring!) If you need a little preview, just envision Iris Apfel but a little less round. That’s my second pair. They are so not practical or normal but they make me laugh each time I put them on. It seems I can’t wait another fifty years to become an eccentric old lady. The future is now!

I do have fourteen days to decide if I like my glasses– really, my sweet deal just keeps getting better and better– so who knows if I’ll have a last minute change of heart on one of them, but all in all I’d say today was a huge shopping success!

Old Vices

I’m such a procrastinator. I have been my whole life, and I think my parents are probably groaning and rolling their eyes as they read this. They really tried their best, but you know… you can lead a horse to water, but… she still will put off drinking til dehydration is right around the corner.

I have this post that I love and I’m excited about and I was supposed to publish last Wednesday. It’s the third installment in the Traveling Under the Threat of Terror series. And it’s by my sister, who is the smartest person I know. She is also the complete and total opposite of procrastination. (I think we decided I would take procrastination and she could take perfectionism. It’s a tradeoff.) This post is destined to be wonderful because my sister is involved, and when I interviewed her a couple weeks ago, I thought it was super fascinating. But unfortunately for me, it was so fascinating, that it became overwhelming thinking of putting it together for the blog. Does anyone else have this problem??

In the end, I concluded that it was too long and chock full of goodness to edit down for a written post. I decided to create an audio version, but then I promptly set it aside and spent the subsequent seven days ignoring the project and distracting myself with watching reruns on tv and finding the best milkshake in town.

Pressing matters for sure, but probably not good excuses to slack on work.

Today, I knew I had to post since it was once again Wednesday, the day for posts in my Traveling Under the Threat of Terror series. However, I spent most of the day shopping for glasses. And then I tried to cram the editing process in this evening, only to find myself approaching my bedtime with hours of work still in sight.

Thankfully, my husband stepped in to help.

Tyler is the engine behind the blog machine. He keeps the dogs out of my hair (literally) and keeps me powered on a steady supply of double stuff oreos and milk. I’m appreciating more and more his contributions to this blog of mine.

Tonight, he played his role quite valiantly– I even got an extra oreo after clearly hitting a low point– but the real show of gallantry came in when he benevolently absolved me from any guilt over publishing my post tonight. He let me sink back into my terrible old habit of procrastination, for “just one more day”.

This time, however, I promise you’ll get to read/listen to Katrine’s perspective tomorrow. It is a really interesting interview and I would never want to withhold it from you! So be sure to return tomorrow. Hold me to it. I’ll even update this post with some glasses photos if you do (;

Do you wear glasses? What style is your fave? And what are your worst bad habits?


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  • I was really excited when “big” frames became more popular because I can see so much more! Haha. I am also a bit of a procrastinator and often feel the stress to get things published but if it isn’t jiving another day is probably best!