Anova Culinary Bluetooth Precision Cooker

Tyler says:

The best steak I’ve ever had was at June Restaurant in Peoria, IL. What made it so good? Sous vide. Before that first perfectly cooked bite, I had never heard of sous vide. But after eating that steak, I had to know how to do it myself. After lots of research, I found that the Anova company started a Kickstarter for their new home sous vide circulator. I think I was like the 4th backer on Kickstarter. (: Cooking sous vide allows you to bring any ingredient up to the perfect temperature. Like perfectly medium rare steak? You will get it every single time. Like perfectly poached eggs? You can poach eggs in their own shell. Want a roast that is so tender that it just melts in your mouth? Sous vide it. Seriously, this is my favorite kitchen appliance.

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Get out of the kitchen and cook from anywhere with Bluetooth + WI-FI connectivity.

Use the Anova Culinary app with step-by-step recipe directions from professional chefs.

Receive notifications about your cook on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Perfectly cooked food every time with no overcooking.

Works with any pot, no additional equipment needed, quick cleanup.